Saturday, September 14, 2013

Battle Royal 18

Imagine if thirteen Marvel characters were to be in a huge battle where there could only be ONE victor! Putting the "good" and "evil" notion to the's EVERYONE vs. EVERYONE--No alliances! Only ONE can be left standing!

Please choose who you think would win among the thirteen Marvel characters in the poll.

Who will be the victor? Only YOU can decide!

Also, if you have time, please leave the reason why you think the character you chose would win in the "Comment" section below. This way, we can all see your reasoning in choosing your winner.

The thirteen characters that are involved in the Battle Royal 18 are...

Lord Shingen, Mariko Yashida, Yukio, Viper, Silver Samurai, Elizabeth Howlett, John Howlett Sr., Thomas Logan, Swordsman, Andrea von Strucker, Nick Fury Jr., Agent Coulson, and Ellen Brandt (If you have forgotten some of these characters' powers/abilities, go ahead and check out their bios right here on the Marvel Madness blog by clicking on the highlighted names above.)


  1. First out...Thomas Logan, Mariko Yashida, Elizabeth Howlett, and John Howlett Jr.

    Of the remaining humans, this would leave Nick Fury Jr., Agent Coulson, Lord Shingen, and Yukio up against each other. Even though they all are trained in different fighting styles, due to Fury's enhanced strength, agility, and healing from being born with the Infinity Formula in his blood, I believe eventually he would be the last human standing in that group.

    Viper could try to come to battle with some poisons and toxins. But, I don't think she would last too long. And Ellen Brandt has unknown powers, so I assume she wouldn't last too long either.

    This would leave Nick Fury Jr. joining the other super-powered characters in battle.

    The final four would be Nick Fury Jr., Silver Samurai, Swordsman, and Andrea von Strucker. Due to this being a battle, Andrea von Strucker and the Swordsman would not combine their powers because they are fighting against each other. Nick Fury Jr. is the only one that doesn't have some type of energy/force that they can generate. So, he would eventually be overwhelmed.

    If we allowed swords in the battle, Andrea von Strucker would be taken out by either the Silver Samurai or the Swordsman. Even if we didn't allow swords, due to the Silver Samurai and the Swordsman's hand-to-hand and/or marital arts training, Andrea von Strucker would be gone next.

    This leaves the Silver Samurai vs. the Swordsman in the final battle. Both are skilled swordsmen. Both are skilled fighters. And both can generate their own energy/force. However, I lean more towards martial arts, and I believe the Silver Samurai would be the last man standing.

    Silver Samurai for the win!

  2. You know, your reasoning is sound. And I generally agree with you.


    Agent Coulson didn't die in the Avengers movie, so I don't think he would die here. Plus, he's awesome. So Agent Couslon for the win! =)