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Joan the Mouse

Real Name
Joan (full name unrevealed)

U.S.A. (presumed)
Place of Birth

Known Relative


Group Affiliation
Mr. Bumpo, Punisher, Spacker Dave (former neighbors); Frankie (her dog)


5' 4"

100 lbs.




Joan is a very quiet, unobtrusive woman who prefers to keep to herself. She frequently resorted to bakery in order to give herself an excuse to see someone or to demonstrate affection. She speaks at a barely audible level and does not watch the news because it scares her. That being said, she is perfectly capable of following orders and not completely flipping out when confronted with a violent situation.

Other Info
Joan was an extremely shy, frightened, and timid woman. She was terrified of living in the city and wished to move to the countryside; however, she didn't have the money to do so.

Joan had a crush on her neighbor, John Smith, in her apartment complex. She would watch him from the crack of her front door. (Unknown to her, John was actually Frank Castle (Punisher) who was living there in hiding.) Joan often baked John pies and cookies, claiming that she had merely made too many. (To learn about the Punisher, click on his highlighted name above. Also, a picture of Joan with her baked cookies is shown in the fourth picture posted.)

One day, Joan saw a trail of blood in the hallway that lead to John's apartment. After she went it, she found him the Punisher badly wounded. She got her fellow neighbor, Spacker Dave, and the two moved him to a bed to care for him. Soon after, when two agents of Ma Gnucci (disguised as police officers) came looking for the Punisher, Joan feigned ignorance and they left her alone; however, they took Spacker Dave back to his own apartment to question him. As the Punisher laid there bleeding, Joan asked him why he killed criminals. She was hoping it was because he wanted to make the world safe, but he told her it was just because he hated criminals. It was then that they both heard screaming from Dave's apartment. The Punisher had Joan help him to his feet and hand him his ballistic knife. With Joan's aid, he stumbled over to Dave's room and killed the two criminals who were torturing Dave for information. The Punisher then had Joan contact a "doctor" to perform emergency surgery on himself and Dave. In gratitude, the Punisher told Joan his real name: Frank. (To learn about Spacker Dave, just click on the highlighted name above.)

When Joan heard that the Punisher was moving out, she told him that he made her feel safe. She really wanted to move out of the city and live someplace quiet, but she was too scared to do so. In fact, she was pretty much scared of change of any kind. 

After the Punisher was attacked by the Russian in his apartment, Castle moved out of the complex. However, he left behind a large stack of bills (Gnucci's mob money) for his neighbors: Mr. Bumpo, Spacker Dave, and Joan. A brief note was also left that told them to leave the apartments to avoid anyone else who would come looking for the him. Joan used the money left for her to buy a cottage in the countryside in Vermont. (To learn more about the Russian and/or Mr. Bumpo, just click on their highlighted names above.)

Years later, Castle was wounded in a fight with the Russian mob and stumbled upon Joan's cottage--she found Frank out in her pond and helped him into her home. Joan tended to him (including baking him some cookies and pies). Since he was in no condition to walk or drive, and as the men would be coming after him, Frank thanked Joan and told her to call the police to arrest him. However, Joan felt like she owed everything she now had to Frank and refused to betray him to the police. Since Joan wouldn't budge on the subject, Frank told her to go retrieve the biggest gun from his wrecked car and then set up the room for the approaching mobsters. As the mobsters came in, Joan did everything she could to help the Punisher--obeying his every order exactly. Dozens of mobsters were killed, and Joan was only upset when some of the ducks were killed by stray fire. The leader of the mobsters, Josef, confronted the Punisher and Joan with his Rottweiler named Stalin. However, Joan's little dog, Frankie, leapt at it and bit off its tongue. In addition, Josef fell into a hole under a rug that they had made, and the Punisher finished him off.

Afterward, Joan tried to get Frank to quit being the Punisher and just stay with her. He did stay around for a few weeks and helped Joan rebuild her home until his ankle healed. However, after he was healed, Joan understood that he had to go.

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Joan appeared in The Punisher (2004). She was played by Rebecca Romaijn. Once again, Marvel Entertainment doubled-up on an actress--Rebecca Romaijn also portrays Mystique in the X-Men films.

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