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Madeline Drake

Real Name
Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake

Place of Birth

Known Relative
William Robert Drake (husband); Iceman (son); Anne Drake (sister-in-law)
Group Affiliation











Other Info
Madeline "Maddie" Drake lived a happy life with her husband William Drake and her son Bobby. However, problems arose when it turned out that Bobby was a mutant. At first, Maddie's husband had a great problem with their son being a mutant. This led to much tension in the home, with Maddie always trying to keep the peace between her husband and son. (To learn about Maddie's husband and/or son, just click on their highlighted names above.)

At one point, when Bobby was chased by an angry mob for being a mutant (he put a bully temporarily in a frozen block of ice while defending his girlfriend), Maddie and William protected their son. Soon after this event, she and her husband sent Bobby with Charles Xavier to his School for Gifted Youngsters in hope of letting him cope with his mutant powers.  (To learn about Professor X and/or his school, just click on the highlighted names above.)

Maddie was proud of her son for becoming a fine man and a true hero; however, her husband never had an easy relationship with Bobby. At one point, both William and Bobby got into a fight about a girl Bobby was dating, and her husband admitted to still having problems with his son being a mutant. A falling out occurred, with Maddie in the middle and the two rarely spoke to each other. Maddie tried to bring William to reason, but it seemed like her words had no meaning to him.

Later on, when mutant-hating hysteria broke loose during Operation: Zero Tolerance, Maddie's husband defended their son and tried taking down the sponsor behind Operation: Zero Tolerance--Bastion. While trying to to take Bastion down, William was nearly beaten to death by his two body guards. Before, Maddie and Bobby thought William had hated their son, but once and for all, Maddie knew how William really felt about their son, despite his problems with him being a mutant. (To learn about the program and/or character, just click on the highlighted names above.)

Eventually, Maddie's husband recovered from his wounds and they live a peaceful life again. All three of them now live with relative ease. 

There is nothing there, but click on the following link to Maddie Drake's bio on,,_Madeline.

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