Monday, August 26, 2013

William Drake

Real Name
William Robert Drake 


Place of Birth
Known Relative

Madeline Beatrice Bass Drake (wife), Anne Drake (sister), Mary Drake (neice), Joel Drake (nephew), Robert "Bobby" Drake (Iceman, son) 

Group Affiliation







William is not a mutant like his son and possesses no special powers, but he does has above-average strength for a man his age.

Other Info
William Robert Drake was a very strict man whom lived happily with his wife Madeline Drake and their son Bobby. At first, William Drake had great problems with his son being a mutant. He was mad at him for being a mutant and hoped to conceal it from their neighbors. However, when Bobby was chased down by an angry mob of townspeople (he put a bully temporarily in a block of ice to protect his grilfriend), William and his wife protected their son from harm. Soon after, he sent Bobby with Charles Xavier to his School for Gifted Youngsters in hope of letting him cope with his mutant powers. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or place, just click on their names above.)

William and his son never had an easy relationship. At one point, both William and Bobby got into a fight about a girl Bobby was dating, and William admitted to still having problems with his son being a mutant. A falling out occurred and the two rarely spoke to each other.

When mutant-hating hysteria broke loose during Operation: Zero Tolerance, William defended his son and tried taking down the sponsor behind Operation: Zero Tolerance--Bastion. However, William paid dearly for that. He was beaten up nearly to death by two of Bastion's body-guards. Before, Bobby thought his father hated him, but once and for all, Bobby knew how his father really felt about him, despite his problems with him being a mutant. (To learn about the program and/or character, just click on the highlighted names above. Also, the fifth picture posted shows William in the hospital after he was nearly killed.)

William eventually recovered from his wounds and now lives a peaceful life again with his wife.

There is nothing there, but click on the following link to William Drake's bio on,,_Willam.

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  1. I'm glad his dad was able to put family before prejudice. Too bad it took so long though...