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Mariko Yashida

Real Name
Mariko Yashida

Former head of Clan Yashida
Place of Birth
Agarashima, Japan
Known Relatives
Shingen Harada (father, deceased), Noburu-Hideki (husband, deceased), Kenuichio Harada (Silver Samurai, half-brother), Shiro Yoshida (Sunfire, cousin), Saburo Yashida (cousin, deceased), Tomo Yashida (cousin, deceased), Leyu Yoshida (Sunpyre, cousin, deceased), Amiko Kobayashi (foster daughter) 
Group Affiliation
Formerly Clan Yashida (oyabun--boss)


5' 0"

100 lbs.



Mariko Yashida was an accomplished businesswoman and leader. 

Other Info
Mariko Yashida was the daughter of Japanese crimelord Lord Shingen--leader of Clan Yashida. When the X-Men sought the help of her cousin, Sunfire, Mariko met Wolverine for the first time. Although she was a first scared by the ferocious-looking Wolverine, Mariko found herself attracted to him. Similarly, Wolverine was charmed by her beauty and refined manner. The two ended up spending a great deal of time together in Japan, ultimately falling in love when she visited him in New York. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or teams.)

Unfortunately, Mariko was forced by her father to marry Noburu Hideki--one of her father's criminal associates. He was a cruel man who beat Mariko. When Wolverine learned of the abuse he went to rescue her; however, Mariko refused to leave with him, feeling duty-bound to obey her father’s wishes.

Soon after, Wolverine was poisoned by Lord Shingen's assassin, Yukio, who brought him to Shingen. In a poisoned-state, Lord Shingen challenged Wolverine to battle. During the battle, Mariko was unaware that her father was actually trying to kill Wolverine and was shocked when Wolverine retaliated with deadly force. Noticing her dismay, Wolverine lost the will to fight and was beaten. (To learn about Yukio, click on the highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit on Yukio's bio page.)

Later on, Lord Shingen ordered his assassin, Yukio, to kill a rival crimelord named Katsuyori, who was planning to kill Hideki. Wolverine accompanied Yukio and when they were attacked by assassins, he attacked back in a berserker rage. Horrified, Mariko fled back to her Shingen’s stronghold. Repulsed by her father's crimes, she vowed to kill him to prevent further dishonor to Clan Yashida. When Wolverine attacked the stronghold, Mariko's husband attempted to flee with his wife, threatening to kill Mariko unless he was allowed to escape. However, Mariko was saved by Yukio who slew Hideki. After this, Wolverine slew Lord Shingen in a savage duel. With their deaths, Mariko became head of Clan Yashida, and Mariko and Wolverine announced their engagement.

At one point, a giant dragon rampaged through Tokyo and Wolverine noticed a dying woman with her baby girl. The mother made Wolverine promise to take care of her daughter with her dying breath. Mariko and Wolverine fostered Amiko Kobayashi as their own. As Wolverine was serving with the X-Men, Mariko took care of Amiko. (To learn about Amiko, click on the highlighted name above.)

As the wedding approached, the X-Men’s long-time foe Mastermind used his psionic powers to compel Mariko to call off the wedding and strengthen Clan Yashida’s criminal ties. However, after Mastermind was defeated, Mariko felt shame at the actions she had performed under his control. Therefore, Mariko vowed to break Clan Yashida’s criminal connections, feeling that she could not marry Wolverine until she did so. Soon, Mariko became a force in the Japanese criminal underworld; however, her authority was soon challenged by both Matsuo Tsurayaba (leader of the ninja clan the Hand) and her own half-brother, Kenuichio Harada (Silver Samurai). Wolverine and his allies fought the Hand on her behalf, but when Mariko sought to make peace, Tsurayaba poisoned her. Wishing to avoid a prolonged death, Mariko begged Wolverine to grant her a quick death, which he reluctantly did. (To learn about the highlighted characters and/or team, just click on their names above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one in the background of the Mastermind's bio page.)

To learn a little bit more about Mariko Yashida, click on the following link,,_Mariko.

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  1. Sad that Wolverine had to kill his own fiance... no wonder he's such a complicated fellow ;-)