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Lord Shingen

Real Name
Shingen Yashida

Former head of Clan Yashida, Yakuza
Place of Birth
Unrevealed location in Japan
Known Relatives
Saburo Yoshida (brother, deceased); Tomo Yoshida (brother, deceased); Kenuichio Harada (Silver Samurai, son, deceased); Mariko Yashida (daughter, deceased); Noburu-Hideki (son-in-law, deceased); Amiko Kobayashi (adoptive granddaughter); Shin Harada (Silver Samurai, grandson); Shiro Yoshida (Sunfire, nephew); Leyu Yoshida (Sunpyre, niece, deceased); Yoshi (nephew, deceased); Ichiro (nephew); Fukuko (niece by marriage); Rikuto (grandnephew, deceased)
Group Affiliation

Clan Yashida



185 lbs.



Shingen Yashida was in peak physical condition despite his age and was one of the finest swordsmen in all of Japan. Highly intelligent, Shingen had extensive knowledge of human anatomy, pressure points, and also great knowledge of poisons and assassination techniques. He was highly skilled in the management of criminal organizations and very well connected in the international criminal underworld, particularly in areas of drug traffic. 

Other Info
Shingen Yashida was a Japanese Yakuza crime boss who disgraced his family name by turning his family clan into a criminal empire known as Clan Yashida. Lord Shingen was a master martial artist, a student of Bushido who specialized in sword fighting and pressure point attacks. He was the father of two children: a daughter named  Mariko Yashida and an illegitimate son named Kenuichio Harada. (To learn about the team and/or characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

To settle a personal debt occurred in his rise to power, Lord Shingen forced Mariko (who was in love with Wolverine) to marry Noburu Hideki--another criminal boss. Hideki was cruel and beat Mariko. (To learn about Wolverine, click on his name above.)

After this, Shingen sent out his assassin, Yukio, to poison Wolverine and to bring the mutant to him. Lord Shingen then challenged Wolverine in his poisoned-state to battle. Shingen used his expert knowledge of human anatomy to secretly attack Wolverine's nerve endings in such a way to make the duel life-threatening. During the battle, Mariko was unaware that her father had saturated Wolverine's body with enough lethal poison to kill several dozen ordinary men or that her father was the one who was actually cheating in the duel and trying to actually kill Wolverine. So, when Wolverine attempted to use his claws against Shingen to save his own life, it appeared to Mariko that Wolverine was cheating in the duel. This had the effect of disgracing Wolverine in front of Mariko, which was Lord Shingen's design all along. Lord Shingen took advantage of this and mocked Wolverine and pointing out to his daughter that Wolverine's actions confirmed that he truly was an animal unworthy of Mariko's love. After Shingen defeated Wolverine, he ordered that his body be dumped onto the streets of Tokyo.  (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Yukio.)

Soon after, Shingen ordered Yukio to slay a rival crimelord named Katsuyori, who was planning to kill Hideki, Mariko's husband. Yukio found Wolverine and manipulated him to come with her to kill Katsuyori. After this was done, Lord Shingen ordered Yukio to kill Wolverine; however, she ignored the order due to her crush on Wolverine. Therefore, Shingen sent the Hand to enforce his will. While battling with the ninjas of the Hand, Wolverine went into a berserker rage and battled the assassins. Mariko learned of her father's doings and vowed to kill him to prevent further dishonor from falling on Clan Yashida.

When Wolverine attacked the Lord Shingen's stronghold, Mariko's husband, Noburu Hideki, attempted to flee with his wife, threatening to kill Mariko unless he was allowed to escape. However, Mariko was saved by Yukio who slew Hideki. This lead to the final battle between Lord Shingen and Wolverine. Wolverine asked Lord Shingen if he was finally worthy, and Lord Shingen unsheathed the family Honor Sword and responded to him that he would see as only one would live at the end of their battle. Lord Shingen using his family sword, and Wolverine using his claws, they fought mercilessly cutting and slicing one another. But, Wolverine had the upper-hand due to his healing factor. At one point, Lord Shingen even managed to stab Wolverine clean through his torso. However, Wolverine used this opportunity to grab Lord Shingen, keeping him from disengaging, and finished him off.

More recently, Lord Shingen was resurrected by Phaedra as part of her campaign of revenge against Wolverine. In addition, Phaedra had "stolen" a piece of Wolverine's soul during his brief period under the Hand's control and turned it into a warrior (Shogun) under her command. Although Wolverine killed Phaedra and reclaimed his soul, Shingen apparently survived. His current whereabouts are unknown. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters.)

There is nothing there, but her is the link to Lord Shingen's bio on,,_Shingen.

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