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Elizabeth Howlett

Real Name
Elizabeth Hudson Howlett


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Unnamed parents (deceased);
Elias Hudson (brother, deceased); Frederick Hudson (brother, deceased); Mister Howlett (father in-law, deceased); John Howlett, Sr. (husband, deceased); John Howlett, Jr. (son, allegedly deceased); James Howlett (Wolverine) (son); Laura Kinney (X-23) ("granddaughter", son's female clone); Ophelia Sarkissian (Viper) (ex-daughter-in-law); Itsu Akihiro (daughter-in-law, deceased); Daken (grandson); Erista (grandson); William Downing (Gunhawk) (step-grandson, deceased); Saw Fist (step-grandson, deceased); Cannon Foot (step-grandson, deceased); Shadowstalker (step-granddaughter, deceased); Fire Knives (step-granddaughter, deceased); Amiko Kobayashi (foster granddaughter); Frederick Hudson II (nephew); Truett Hudson (grand-nephew); Victor Hudson (grand-nephew); James Hudson (Guardian) (grand-nephew)

Group Affiliation















Other Info
In the late 19th century, Elizabeth Hudson married John Howlett Sr.. The two became wealthy land owners in Alberta, Canada due to her husband's hard work and the inheritance from her father-in-law, Mister "Old Man" Howlett. Elizabeth and John had a child together who they named after her husband, John Howlett, Jr. It is unmentioned how long it lasted, but Elizabeth had an affair with the Howlett Estate's groundskeeper, Thomas Logan. Elizabeth had a second child named James by this affair, who John, Sr. raised as his own (whether he knew about the affair or not is unknown). (To learn about the above highlighted characters, click on their names above.)

Although John, Sr. was a good man and a loving father, the family life was not as good as could be. One day, it was revealed that Elizabeth and John's first born son, John , Jr. was born a mutant when bone claws grew from his hands. Due to unknown circumstances, he died at a young age. It was implied that John, Sr. was the one who killed John, Jr. when he attacked his mother and his father couldn't defend her. However, what is known is that their son scarred his mother's back with his claws prior to his death. John, Sr. was fairly distraught by being forced to murder John, Jr. However, this had a huge impact on Elizabeth, who would not often leave her own room, much less leave the mansion or talk to her other son, James from that point on.

One day, Rose O'Hara (a red-headed Irish girl) was brought to the Howlett Estate from town to be a companion to the young James. However, when James' friend, Dog (son of the groundskeeper, Thomas Logan), made unwanted advances towards Rose, James reported this to his father. Much like his father (who had a violent short-temper, a mean disposition, and flew into uncontrollable rages), Dog retaliated by killing James' puppy, Callie. Due to Dog's actions, and failing to control his son, John Howlett, Sr. fired and kicked out both Thomas and his son from their estate.

After this, Thomas, in a drunken stupor and armed with a shotgun, invaded the Howlett Estate with his son Dog. He demanded money and attempted to take Elizabeth. Elizabeth's husband attempted to stop Thomas and defend his family, but the groundskeeper shot him down in cold blood. At that moment, Elizabeth's son, James, had just entered the room and witnessed his father die. When this occurred, for the first time James' mutation manifested itself--claws extended from the backs of his hands. In an uncharacteristic ferocity, James attacked both intruders. The attack left Dog's face scarred with three claw marks, and Thomas Logan was killed when James drove his newly manifested bone claws into Thomas' chest. Shocked upon witnessing both her husband and lover's deaths and James' mutation, Elizabeth called her son a freak and threw him out of the house.

Due to the depression that came over her, Elizabeth took her own life.

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