Friday, May 1, 2015

Battle Ultimate 6

We've had a Battle Royal 21, 22, 23, and 24! Which's time for BATTLE ULTIMATE 6! Fifty (50) more Marvel characters have been involved in the Battle Royals! It's time to put the top two from each Battle up against one another! (However, due to Battle Royal 21 having a tie for second place, that Battle Royal will only have one victor chosen for the Battle Ultimate 6).

As always, put the good and evil notion to the side. It's EVERYONE vs. EVERYONE. No alliances! Just pure power and abilities versus others' powers and abilities! Only ONE can be left standing! Please choose who you think would win among your chosen 7 strongest Marvel characters. Also, if you have time, please leave the reason why you think the character you chose would win in the "Comment" section below. This way, we can all see your reasoning in choosing your winner. Who will be the victor? Only YOU can decide!

Our chosen 7 strongest characters are....Blink, Apocalypse, Yondu, Garthan Saal, Carina Walters, Blackout, and Quake! (If you have forgotten some of these characters' powers/abilities, go ahead and check out their bios right here on the Marvel Madness blog.)


  1. Wow! This is a very tough battle, in my opinion. So many can control dimensions and/or portals--which is hard to go up against! That seems like a very hard battle to me. Therefore, I am going to say that Quake and Yondu would be the first to go.

    That leaves Blink, Apocalypse, Garthan Saal, Carina Walters, and Blackout. All have strong powers, in fact, some have unknown limits to their powers (e.g. Apocalypse, Garthaan Saal, etc.) So, to eliminate who would be next, I am going to go with the people with the least amount of fighting training. Therefore, Carina Walters and Blackout are out next.

    This leaves the final three: Blink, Garthaan Saal, and Apocalypse. Blink is strong in her use of portals--even to making enemies attacking themselves. Garthaan Saal and Apocalypse can fly and grow huge. However, I eventually see Garthan Saal falling, and the final battle being between Blink and Apocalypse.

    Even though I want to say Blink could use her portals with enough skill to teleport parts of Apocalypse and to make him attack himself, I believe Apocalypse is just too powerful and too strong to be taken down by one person. Only a team could take him down. And in this battle there is no teaming up.

    Therefore, the victor of Battle Ultimate 6 is APOCALYPSE!

  2. I want to say Quake because she is so cool in Agents of Shield... but clearly Apocalypse would win in a free for all without any teams.