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Carina Walters

Real Name

Time Traveler; (former) model
Place of Birth
Known Relatives
Collector (father), Matani (mother, deceased), Michael Korvac (husband)

Group Affiliation


Unrevealed; presumably tutored by Collector


5' 5"


125 lbs.




Strawberry blonde


Originally, Carina had no superhuman abilities or powers, except for an incredibly long lifespan. However, after being imbued with cosmic power by Korvac, she possessed a myriad superhuman powers and abilities. She was highly durable and able withstand physical injury and even death by transforming into a pure energy form while her body heals. She could fire bursts of powerful energy, alter matter on a molecular level, sense alternate universes and possible futures and summon matter from these realities. She could place the consciousness of individuals into other bodies and restore them at will. In addition, Carina could open portals in time and space.


Other Info 

The being who was known as "Carina Walters" on Earth was the daughter of the Collector and Matani. Like her parents, Carina has existed in the universe for eons. (To learn about the Collector, just click on his name above.)

At one point, Carina was sent to Earth by her father to seduce the newly powered Michael Korvac, as a ploy to reveal his true intentions. When Janet van Dyne (Wasp) was holding a fashion show for her new line of clothes, Carina walked down the catwalk. This drew the attention of Korvac. However, over time, her false feelings for Korvac became real and she fell in love with "the enemy," and even eventually married him; thus, switching her loyalty to Korvac instead of her father. (To learn about the highlighted characters above, just click on their names.) 

Soon after, Carina revealed to Korvac that she did mean to betray him for an instant, and also revealed that she was sent by her father as a spy. She cried as she watched Korvac blast her fathers to ashes, before the Collector could report the intelligence he had obatined about Korvac to the Avengers. (To learn about the Avengers, just click on their highlighted names above.) 

Afterward, both Carina and Korvac were presumed to have lost their lives in a later confrontation with the Avengers.

More recently, both Carina and Korvac were both seen in different energy forms. At one point, Hank Pym mistook the dispersed energy of Carina for that of his late wife, Janet van Dyne. Using Jocasta, Pym shaped the energy into Janet's form and broadcasted her brainwaves into Carina. Veil then took it upon herself to bring Wasp back from Underspace where Pym believed her to be. However, instead of bringing the Wasp back like Pym and Veil believed they were doing, they brought Carina back. This drew Korvac to Avengers Academy, who wanted to reclaim him wife and take control of reality. However, Carina refused due to the memories of Janet van Dyne inspiring her to be a hero instead. Therefore, the Avengers and Korvac fought against one another. During the battle, Carina used her considerable power to give the students of Avengers Academy the bodies of their future selves and they were all able to defeat Korvac. After Korvac was defeated, Carina restored all the students back to their younger selves, except Reptil who wanted to retain his enhanced powers and chose to remain as an adult, making it impossible for Carina to switch him back. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or places. Also, Carina in her energy form is shown in the first picture posted above.)

To learn a tiny bit more about Carina Walters, click on the following link,,_Carina. (Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit on Carina's bio page.)

A woman credited as "Carina" appears in both Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy. In the films, she appears to be the Collector's aide rather than his daughter; however, their realtion has never been revealed.

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  1. "She could place the consciousness of individuals into other bodies and restore them at will."

    Could she do this even if they were alive/ awake? Because that would be freaky- just minding your own business and then suddenly being in someone else's body...