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F. A. Schist

Real Name
Franklin Armstrong Schist

Head of F. A. Schist Construction Company


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Vivian Schist (wife), Carolyn Schist (daughter)

Group Affiliation












When Schist was turned into one of the Fathers, he was immune to the effects of aging.


Schist was a ruthless businessman.

Other Info 

F.A. Schist was the head of a construction company. He secretly believed that the legendary Fountain of Youth existed in the swamps of the Florida Everglades. Therefore, in order to obtain the Fountain of Youth, Schist negotiated to get a contract to build an airport in the Everglades in hopes of draining the swamp. However, the area he choose to build the airport just so happened to be home to a tribe of Native Americans. Some of the younger braves, led by Black Eagle, sabotaged Schist's bulldozer in an effort to prevent the destruction of their home. However, as they fled, Black Eagle was shot and wounded by Jake Simpson--one of Schist's employees. This resulted in a demonstration against Schist and the destruction of the swamplands. Schist responded to this by ordering another bulldozer, obtaining a court order to prevent further demonstrations against his work, and criticizing Simpson for giving his opponents a martyr. 

Afterward, Schist personally supervised the start of operations and went ahead as planned, despite threats by some of the older Native Americans. The work in the swamp drew the attention of another dweller of the swamps--
Man-Thing. After some disappointing encounters with the Man-Thing and Schist's employees, Schist decided to take matters into his own hands to get rid of Man-Thing permanently. Therefore, F.A. Schist hired Professor Slaughter to kill the Man-Thing. However, when Slaughter failed in his attack upon Man-Thing, the creature grabbed both men and tossed them into the swamp. (To learn about the Man-Thing, click on his highlighted name above.)

Soon after, Schist was confronted by the Foolkiller (Ross Everbest), who told Schist that he had 24 hours to live, before he would killed him for being a "fool" (people he deemed as sinners, dissidents, and criminals). However, when Schist and others attempted to flee the swamp to escape the Foolkiller in their jeep, the Foolkiller ran them down in his truck. Everyone inside the jeep survived, but as they attempted to hitch a ride to the nearest town, they again were caught by the Foolkiller. This time, however, he took Schist with him, preparing to carry out his execution personally. However, it was the Man-Thing who arrived in time to distract the Foolkiller, who was accidentally killed in the ensuing struggle. Even though the Man-Thing had saved his life, F.A. Schist still despised the creature. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about the Foolkiller).

Later on, due to an energy crisis, Schist was forced to terminate his plans to build an airport. However, he continued on his lifelong dream to find the Fountain of Youth. This led Schist to the hidden village of La Hacienda. However, just outside the village, Schist encountered the Man-Thing and again he tried to run the creature over. The Man-Thing (who had turned partially human as a result of the exposure to the waters of the Fountain) leapt out of his way, and Schist dove to safety before his vehicle collided with a tree and exploded. Following the Man-Thing to the village, Schist secretly observed the "Fathers" of La Hacienda trying to return the Man-Thing to his human form. After observing what the Fathers could do, Schist showed himself to them and attempted to make a business deal with the Fathers. However, disgusted by Schist's materialism and greed, the Fathers offered Schist a vial of the legendary waters as "a gesture of good faith," knowing that he would drink it. As a result of drinking the water--rather than bathing in it--Schist was mutated into a horrible purple ogre-like creature (which is what happened previously to the Fathers). Furious at this trickery, Schist attacked one of the villagers. The Man-Thing tried to stop Schist, but he was still in his partially human form and this "new" Schist nearly overpowered him. During the struggle, Schist accidentally shattered a vat of the fluid drained from the Man-Thing, which drenched the swamp creature in it and restored Man-Thing to his full powers. Terrified at what had happened, Schist was unable to escape the powers of the Man-Thing ("Whatever knows Fear, Burns at the Touch of the Man-Thing"), and being in his purple ogre form Schist was more susceptible to the burning power of the Man-Thing, and was incinerated--leaving just a a pile of ashes behind. (Schist in his "Father" form is shown in the last picture posted above.)

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A man named "Frederic Schist" appears in the TV movie Man-Thing. In the movie, Schist is similar to his comicbook counterpart in that he illegally wants to build in the Man-Thing's swamp. However, in the movie version, Schist built an oil extraction central in the Everglades.

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