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Helen Cho

Real Name
Helen Cho




Place of Birth
South Korea

Known Relatives
Philip Cho (husband, deceased); Maddy Cho (daughter); Amadeus Cho (son)

Group Affiliation








Other Info
Much about Helen Cho's life before she married her husband is unknown except that she was born in South Korea. When her husband, Philip Cho, found a job in the United States, the two moved together to Arizona.

Both Helen and Philip had quite a passion for historical names. This is shown by the names of their two children: a son, Amadeus (named after the composer Mozart), and a daughter, Madame "Maddy" Curie. (To learn about Helen's children, click on their highlighted names above.)

Helen and her family lived a happy normal life. However, from an early age, Amadeus showed that he was incredibly smart--espcially for someone a young as he was. Over time, her son learned many things on his own and became very highly cultured and increased his already remarkable intelligence. Helen supported her son, and encouraged him to continue with his talents. In fact, the more Amadeus grew up, the more Helen and Philip realized that he was a genius.

When the Amadeus was a teenager, the Excello Soap Company announced an online game to reward young geniuses--a quiz show named "Brain Fight." Helen and Philip allowed Amadeus to participate, and their son easily won first place and achieved the highest score ever, earning him the title “Mastermind Excello.” Helen and her husband were happy for their son’s results. Unknown to them, the person who had organized "Brain Fight" was, in fact,  another genius and former child prodigy named Pythagoras Dupree, whose real goal was to search the world for intellect people who might be a rival to him and eliminate them. When Amadeus won the game, he gained the position of “7th Smartest Man in the World” (Pythagoras claimed he was the 6th). That reason alone was more than enough for Dupree to want to kill Amadeus.

Soon after returning home, Dupree sent men to the Cho home and blew it up. Helen and her family were killed; however, Amadeus survived.

Much later, on a mission to save Zeus from Hades (Underworld), Amadues Cho accompanied the Greek demigod Hercules to rescue his father. While Hercules battled hordes of vengeful enemies in Tartarus, Amadeus ended up in the Elysian Fields (the Greek version of Heaven). It was here that he met his parents, Helen and Philip. Helen and her husband were so happy to see Amadeus. They hugged him and told him how proud of what he had become. Before her son went back to Earth, however, Helen told Amadeus that his sister, Maddy, did not actually die in the explosion and was still alive--having been taken by Excello. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or places.)

There isn't anything there, but here is the bio page for Helen Cho,,_Helen.

Helen Cho appears in Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In this version, she is a world-renowned engineer and geneticist who assists the Avengers. However, she appears to have no connection to the Amadeus Cho (named in the novelization of the movie, The  Incredible Hulk) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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  1. Huh... the comics and movie don't even come close to aligning on this one. I liked her though =)