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Real Name
Ulysses Klaw (legally changed from Ulysses Klaue)


Criminal; former Scientist

Belgian (Dutch, before retcon)
Place of Birth
Vlaardingen, Netherlands

Known Relatives
Fritz Klaue (father, deceased), Unnamed great-grandfather, deceased

Group Affiliation
Former member of the Intelligencia, Fearsome Foursome, Frightful Four, and Masters of Evil; Former ally of Molecule Man and Solarr

University degree in Physics

5' 11"

175 lbs.



Klaw's prosthetic hand can create sound waves of dangerous volume, fire concussive blasts of sound, and create sound constructs in any desired shape at his command. Later, when his body becomes living sound, Klaw needs absolutely no sustenance or air, and is virtually indestructible. His body can be sliced or destroyed, and it will rematerialize again, whole, at his will. He also possesses superhuman strength which enables him to lift approximately 5 tons when his body is fully energized.

Klaw is a physicist and engineer specializing in the field of sonics.

Other Info
Ulysses Klaue came from a military family. His father, Fritz Klaue, was an operative for Nazi Germany during World War II. After the war, he moved back to Belgium and anglicized their names to "Klaw." Ulysses was raised with tales of  the African country of Wakanda and their precious metal known as "Vibranium." (To learn about the group, place, and/or item, click on the highlighted names above.)

Later, Ulysses Klaw was working as a physicist at the Technical University at Delft when he designed a sound transducer that was able to convert sound waves into physical matter. However, he needed the element Vibranium from Wakanda. Therefore, Klaw hired a group of mercenaries and traveled to Wakanda in search of the Vibranium. However, Klaw was also there for personally reasons--his great-grandfather had been killed by the "Black Panther" of Wakanda in the 19th Century. Eventually, Klaw found the Wakandan tribe and their leader, T’Chaka, guarding the Vibranium--part of their sacred mound. Klaw demanded that they give him the Vibranium. However, when T'Chaka refused, Klaw ordered his men to kill him. They quickly gunned down the chief in front of his young son, T’Challa. Then Klaw massacred the tribesmen and burned down their village. In retaliation, T’Challa stole one of Klaw’s sound-blasters from one of his men and used it on Klaw; thus, shattering Klaw's hand in the process. (To learn about the above Black Panthers, click on their highlighted names above.)

Returning to Belgium, Klaw vowed to return one day to get his revenge. Upon his return, Klaw was cared for by the Belgian government for the next ten years. During this time, Klaw had his mangled hand amputated and fitted with a claw-like prosthetic device into which he built a sonic-force blaster instead. (Also, Klaw before his prosthetic is shown in the third picture posted above.)

After his ten-year wait, Klaw returned to Wakanda to find T’Challa--now in the guise of the Black Panther--ruling the tribe in his father’s place. But, with the help of the Fantastic Four and Wyatt Wingfoot, the Wakandans fought off Klaw. In fact, it was the Black Panther himself who eventually overloaded Klaw's machines and left, believing him defeated. However, in frustration, Klaw leapt into his own sonic converter in the hopes of giving himself the power to defeat his enemies. His gamble was successful, and Klaw was transformed into a creature whose body was composed of "living sound." (Click on the highlighted team and/or character above to learn more about them.)

Soon after, in his new form, Klaw battled the Fantastic Four when he tried to force them to bring him to the Black Panther. However, he was pummeled into unconsciousness by Mister Fantastic who was wearing Vibranium knuckle guards that he had received form the Black Panther. Afterwards, they handed him over to the authorities to be taken to prison. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

At one point, Klaw was freed from prison by the Crimson Cowl (Ultron) and was invited to join the second incarnations of the Masters of Evil. Upon joining the team, Klaw and the Masters of Evil were able to fight and capture the Avengers. However, they were soon defeated--Klaw being subdued by Black Panther again. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the character and/or teams.)

Later, Klaw attempted to reform the second Masters of Evil to fight the Avengers, but he was stopped this time by the Lady Liberators. (To learn about the Lady Liberators, click on the highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the very form-fitting outfits worn on their bio page.)

Some time later, Klaw traveled back to Wakanda in order to steal a device that would strengthen the mental-disintegrating powers of Vibranium. However, this time, Klaw was defeated by the Thing, Human Torch, and Black Panther. (To learn about the highlighted characters above, just click on their names.)

At one point, Klaw joined forces with the murderous Solarr and trapped the Avengers within a solid sound barrier. Then Klaw threatened to execute the Avengers if the Black Panther did not give up the throne of Wakanda to him. However, the Black Panther managed to subdue Klaw and Solarr before he could make good on his threat. (To learn about Solarr, click on the highlighted name above.)

Later on, Klaw rematerialized in the Nexus of All Realities located in the Florida Everglades. It was here that Klaw happened upon the wand of the Molecule Man. This led him helping Molecule Man find a body to possess. Afterward, the two new allies traveled to New York to get revenge on their common enemy: the Fantastic Four. However, once again, Klaw was defeated--this time by a visiting Impossible Man. (To learn about the above highlighted place and/or characters, just click on their names.)

Klaw was later recruited to join the Wizard's new Frightful Four, along with Hydro-Man and Titania. They attacked the Fantastic Four. And during the fight, Klaw threw the Thing into a device which transformed him back to his normal human form. The Fantastic Four, without the help of the Thing, battled the new Frightful Four and managed to beat them into retreat. However, with the help of Aron the Rogue Watcher--an unknown ally of the Wizard--the Frightful Four Aron the Watcher rendered the Fantastic Four unconscious. After some discussion, the Wizard decided to imprison the Fantastic Four so that he could torture them. However, the Thing sneaked into the Frightful Four's headquarters and freed his friends, which resulted in a battle between the two teams. In the end, the Frightful Four were defeated and were taken away. (To learn about the highlighted characters and/or team, just click on their names above.)

At one point, coincidentally, Klaw, Huntara, Paibok, and Devos all attacked the Fantastic Four at the same time. As the Fearsome Foursome, they battled the the Fantastic Four. However, the fight soon grew to involve Daredevil, Spider-Man, Sandman and Silver Sable as well as a group of Avengers, forcing the villains back to Paibok’s ship. When the four villains returned, Klaw was sent to the Baxter Building to attack Ant-Man (Scott Lang); however, he is defeated. (To learn about the above highlighted characters, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the very revealing outfit on Huntara's bio page.)

Recently, Klaw joined forces with Wizard again in a new Frightful Four. It was later revealed that this new Frightful Four was operating under the direction of the Intelligencia (a team who sought to capture the eight greatest minds on Earth). However, the team disbanded after the Intelligencia's schemes failed. (To learn about the Intelligencia, click on their highlighted name above.)

Klaw has been defeated and thought destroyed many times; however, every time he managed to rematerialize thanks to his body of living sound. Klaw's current whereabouts are unknown.

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Ulyssus Klaue briefly makes an appearance in Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron as a arms dealer. In the few scenes we see him, he does lose and arm, which sets him up to possibly have his sonic-force blaster arm in a future movie--most likely the future movie being Black Panther.

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  1. Obviously the Cinematic Universe created a different way for him to lose his hand. BUT he is still a mercenary in Africa... it will be interesting to see how his story plays out