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Garthan Saal

Real Name
Garthan Saal

Former Centurion Prime and Centurion Sector Coordinator

Place of Birth
Planet Xandar, Tranta system, Andromeda Galaxy

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation
Formerly Nova Corps/StarCorps

Nova Academy


5' 10"; (Super-Nova) 30'

200 lbs.; (Super-Nova) 22.7 tons

White; formerly brown


Black; formerly brown

As Nova, Saal possessed superhuman strength and durability, and enhanced stamina and agility. He could fly in air or space, unleash force blasts, and analyze and absorb certain energy types. As a Nova Centurion, he was trained in various forms of combat. As Super-Nova, he was 30' tall, possessed immeasurable strength, was virtually indestructible, and could generate near-limitless amounts of energy to fly at great speeds, project devastating force blasts, create gravimetric pulses, and open space warps. These energies warped his mind, making him irrational and violent. 

Nova Corps training, including unarmed combat and commanding standard starships.

Other Info
Believing that Garthan Saal was the last surviving Xandarian Centurion after the destruction of Xandar by the space pirate Nebula, the Xandarian World-Mind transferred the entire Nova-Force to him. Upon receiving this power, Saal was transformed into the immensely powerful giant-sized "Super-Nova." Saal was supposed to safeguard the energies and distribute them to worthy successors of Xandar’s noble tradition; however, the Nova-Force drove him insane with grief and power. Vowing revenge upon Nebula for the destruction of his homeworld, Super-Nova journeyed to the last known planet which had harbored her--Earth. (Click on the race, place, and/or character's highlighted names above to learn more about them. Also, Saal in his giant Super-Nova form is shown in the third picture posted above.)

Upon arriving to Earth, Super-Nova discovered that both Firelord and Starfox were also seeking Nebula. So, when they couldn't tell him Nebula's whereabouts, he attacked them savagely. Afterward, Super-Nova demanded that the people of Earth deliver Nebula to him, or he would destroy the planet. This led to a confrontation with the Avengers, Quasar, and the Fantastic Four. However, Super-Nova was able to fend them all off. Then, just as Super-Nova was about destroy the planet, Mr. Fantastic was able to calm down Super-Nova. He offered him a chance to actually find Nebula who had been lost in the time-stream. Super-Nova accepted his offer and journeyed into the time-stream. (To learn about the highlighted characters and/or teams above, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfit worn by She-Hulk on Starfox's bio page.)

Years later, Saal returned from his searches unsuccessful. During this time, the human Richard Rider had regained the Nova-Power and became the "Nova." Enraged that Rider had taken "his" power, Saal broke free from the time-stream and confront Nova. After a intense battle, and to keep the people of Earth safe, Rider ended up surrendered the Nova-Force to Saal. Afterward, Saal took Richard to Xandar to reboot the Xandarian World-Mind. Once there, Saal combined his power with Rider to restore Xandar; however, when he did this, Rider ended up absorbing Saal’s power instead, leaving Saal comatose. Then when Rider restored Xandar’s World-Mind, the World-Mind resurrected the Xandarian race, the Nova Corps was reborn, and Rider was instated as the Nova Centurion Prime. (To learn about Nova, click on his highlighted name above.)

Soon after recovering, with is sanity restored, Saal was given the power of a standard Nova Centurion and was made Centurion Sector Coordinator by Queen Adora. When an emergency arose on Xandar, Rider refused to help because he had to assist the New Warriors in protecting Earth. Due to his refusal, Queen Adora sent Saal to strip Rider of his rank and power. And when Rider fled to Adora to learn the truth of what was going on, she confirmed that Saal was replacing him as the "Nova" assigned to Earth. Saal then took on the name "Nova Omega." (To learn about the character and/or race above, just click on their highlighted name. Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfit on Queen Adora's bio page. Also, Saal as Nova Omega is shown in the fifth and sixth pictures posted above.)

Soon after, Saal accompanied a powerless Rider back to Earth on a starship. However, they were both betrayed when the pilot of the starship turned out to be the Dire Wraith Queen Volx. This resulted in Saal being forced to crash-land their ship on Earth. Unfortunately, Saal ended up being captured by Volx and drained of his Nova-Force. Volx was going to use the power for a doomsday weapon, but Rider arrived with the New Warriors and freed Saal and together they destroyed Volx’s base. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the race, character, and/or team.)

Later on, Saal joined the New Warriors in battle against the Sphinx and watched as Firestar accidentally set off a series of electrochemical explosions. It was Saal who absorbed the toxic radiation, saving tens of thousands. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the very revealing/low-cut outfit worn by Firestar on her bio page.)

Soon after, Saal learned that his superiors were spying on Earth. Cutting their connection, Saal helped the New Warriors locate Volx, who was arranging to remove all powers from Earth’s superhumans. Volx seemed unbeatable until Saal tried to drain her power. Unfortunately, it proved to be too much for him and the backlash sent Saal flying--mortally wounded him. But, it did leave Volx weakened. Dying, Saal passed his powers onto Rider, and informed him of Xandar's conspiracy. Then the New Warriors slew Volx.

It is presumed that Saal’s brain patterns were transferred to the Xandarian World-Mind; thus, living on in Richard Rider to this day.

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In the film, Guardians of the Galaxy, Garthan Saal is credited as "Denarian Saal." Therefore, according to the Nova Corps ranking, he holds a lower rank in the movies, than he does in the comics. Whether that will change in future movies or not is yet to be seen.


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