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Vanessa Fisk

Real Name
Vanessa Fisk


Former leader of New York's mobs
Place of Birth
Unrevealed (possibly Switzerland)
Known Relatives
Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) (husband), Richard Fisk (son, deceased)
Group Affiliation
New York's mobs (leader)

Self-educated in European arts and culture

5' 8"

125 lbs.


Black with white streaks


Vanessa is usually quite nonviolent; however, when needed, she can be cold, calculating, and vengeful. In addition, she is competent in the use of firearms.

Other Info
Little is known about Vanessa Fisk's early years before she married New York's most powerful crime lord, Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin). She loved him deeply, but sometimes disagreed with his criminal ways. Vanessa feared of bringing a baby into a world of violence and crime; however, the two had a son together named Richard. Over time, their son resented that their family took back seat to whatever the Kingpin was doing. When their son was older, they sent him away to Switzerland for his education. (To learn about Vanessa's husband and/or son, click on the highlighted names above.)

Later on, Richard, embittered by his father's neglect, made several attempts on his father's empire and his life as both the "Schemer" and as the original "Rose."

At one point, after the Kingpin had a near-death experience, Vanessa gave him an ultimatum: he had 24 hours to stop doing crime, or she would leave him. That night, the Kingpin was about to kill Spider-Man when the deadline passed, and Vanessa told him that he had a choice between Spider-Man's life or their life together. Her husband chose her and spared Spider-Man's life. (To learn about Spider-Man, click on his highlighted name above.)

Soon after, Vanessa and Wilson left to retire in Japan. But, when Fisk's former lieutenants in New York caught wind of his plans to sell them out in exchange for immunity, they kidnapped Vanessa. Furious, the Kingpin started a gang war against the mob in New York to rescue his wife. The mob bosses tried to ransom Vanessa off in exchange for the evidence against them that the Kingpin was intending to turn over to the authorities; however, during the exchange, Kingpin used a sonic device to stop the criminals, and found Vanessa bound and gagged in a building. Unfortunately, one of the mobsters fired an explosive at Vanessa, in an attempt to deprive the Fisk of the thing that kept him retired and bring him back as the Kingpin of Crime. The explosion resulted in Vanessa being buried alive in the rumble and was presumed dead. As planned, this drove Kingpin back into the world of crime.

It was later revealed that Vanessa had actually not died, but due to being buried alive, she was left in an amnesiac and mentally unstable state. This resulted in Vanessa being taken in by a grotesque mutant who lived in the sewers  known as the "King." In the end, it was actually Daredevil who rescued Vanessa from the King and returned her to her husband as leverage. The price for Vanessa's return was that the Kingpin had to remove his corrupt candidate, Randolph Cherryh, from the ballot as the next mayor of New York City--Fisk quickly agreed. Afterward, the catatonic Vanessa was shipped off to a sanitarium in Europe, by her husband, in order to have her regain her sanity. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters.)

Years later, Vanessa recovered and remained in Europe. However, when her husband was the victim of an assassination attempt orchestrated by their son Richard (and his friend Sammy Silke), she arranged for her husband to be shipped out of the country to recover from his injuries, and to cut a deal with his fellow mob bosses to divide up Fisk's recently rebuilt crime syndicate in exchange for a truce. Furious as what happened, Vanessa confronted her son Richard and shot him in cold blood. (To learn about Sammy Silke, click on his name above.)

However, the act of murdering her own son caused a horrific toll on Vanessa, causing her to slowly lose the will to live. That, along with her injuries from being buried alive, resulted in her body undergoing terminal organ failure. Vanessa blamed both her husband and Daredevil (knowing of Matt Murdock's alter ego) for the endless cycle of violence that had consumed her family. Therefore, Vanessa faked the death of Foggy Nelson in an attempt to provoke Daredevil into killing Wilson Fisk. However, when that failed, Vanessa confronted Daredevil and told Matt he had two choices: he could get her husband out of jail as the Kingpin's attorney, or she would reveal to the media that he was Daredevil. Murdock, decided to not participate in Vanessa's games. Soon after though, with all the turmoil happening in her family, with her husband, and her own actions, Vanessa ended up committing suicide. In the end, Matt Murdock decided that he would honor Vanessa's last wish and get the charges against the Kingpin dropped, under the condition that Wilson renounce his American citizenship and leave the country forever. (To learn about Foggy Nelson, click on the his highlighted name above.)

Years later, Vanessa's body was recovered by the Hand and she was brought back to life with the purpose to kill her husband to test if he was still a worthy leader for the Hand. The two battled, and the Kingpin tried to reason with Vanessa and tried to see if there was any of her old self in her so that he could protect her from anyone hurting her again. When it seemed that there was no hope the Kingpin ended up breaking Vanessa's back when she attacked at him. However, much to the Kingpin's horror, he soon learned that Vanessa was actually aiming for an attacker behind him to save his life. Vanessa died her second death in the arms of her devastated husband. (Click the highlighted name above to learn about the Hand.)

There isn't anything there, but here is the bio page for Vanessa Fisk,,_Vanessa.

Vanessa Fisk appears in the Netflix TV series, Marvel's Daredevil. However, in this version she is given the name "Vanessa Marianne" as she has not married Wilson Fisk yet in this timeline. In this version, she is shown as a wealthy art dealer.

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  1. Super tragic! It's nice that they love each other and all, but gee whiz! Loving someone shouldn't result in killing everyone =P