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Claire Temple

Real Name
Claire Temple



Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Bill Foster (ex-husband)

Group Affiliation

Medical School






Trained nurse and doctor.

Other Info
Claire Temple was a medical student when she met Bill Foster who was working toward a degree in biochemistry. The two became romantically involved and were eventually married. (To learn about the first Black Goliath, click on the highlighted name above.) 

Later, the two separated and Claire ended up working for the 42nd Street Storefront Clinic with Dr. Noah Burstein (the man who put volunteer Luke Cage through the procedure that gave him his powers). Once there, Claire Temple fell in love with Luke Cage and officially divorced Bill Foster. (To learn about Luke Cage, click on his highlighted name above.)

At one point, Claire left for Los Angeles when her ex-husband, Bill Foster, asked for her help. (Foster had actually devised a plan to see if he could win back Claire's affection.) When Claire arrived, she met Bill at a traveling circus where Bill said he had to work for him to earn money to continue his research. In addition, Foster had outfitted himself in a costume and called himself "Black Goliath." Despite Claire's pleas before she left for Luke to not follow her, Luke Cage came to California. When Luke arrived, the two men fought over Claire. However, they quickly settled their differences when the had to join forces to go up against the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime--which Bill Foster had unwittingly joined. In the end, Claire Temple chose to remain with Cage rather than her ex-husband, and the two returned to New York City. (Click the highlighted names above to learn about the character and/or team.)

After some time, however, Claire became tired of Luke being constantly in danger and the two went their separate ways.

More recently, Claire has become a doctor in the New York City area. 

There isn't anything there, but here is the bio page for Claire Temple,,_Claire.

The character Claire Temple appears in the Netflix TV series, Marvel's Daredevil. However, in this version, the character seems to be a combination of two Marvel characters: Claire Temple and Night Nurse (Linda Carter).

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  1. I wonder if they'll have Rosario Dawson in the Luke Cage mini-series too... it would be cool to connect it all that way =)