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Glenn Talbot

Real Name
Glenn Talbot


Colonel, US Air Force; former commanding officer of Gamma Base, security chief of Project: Greenskin and Los Alamos Missile Base ("Desert Base")


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Betty Ross Banner (Ex-Wife), Brian Talbot (brother)

Group Affiliation
US military; formerly US Air Force Mobile Combat Force One (Hulkbusters), Operation: Hulk

Military academy graduate


215 lbs.




Glenn Talbot was highly trained in the US Air Force and was a competent military strategist.

Other Info
Major Glenn Talbot was brought to Desert Base, New Mexico by its commanding officer, General Thunderbolt Ross, for two reasons. The first reason was because Ross wanted Talbot to investigate nuclear physicist Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, due to mysterious disappearances (Ross suspected that Banner was a traitor and had some connection with the monstrous Hulk). The second reason was that Ross hoped that his daughter, Betty, would fall in love with Talbot instead of Dr. Banner (Ross thought Banner was unmanly). Talbot tried to fulfill both of these objects. In fact, he redoubled his efforts once he discovered that Bruce Banner was actually the Hulk. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the very revealing outfits on Betty Ross's bio page.)

Eventually, Dr. Banner was able to keep his own persona when he turned into the Hulk; therefore, to Talbot's dismay, Betty agreed to marry Banner. However, at the wedding ceremony, the
Leader transformed Banner back into the mindless savage Hulk of old. And after some time of thinking that Bruce was lost forever, Betty eventually agreed to marry Talbot. (To learn about the Leader, click on his name above.)

General Ross and his Hulkbusters pursued the Hulk into the Arctic. However, when there, Ross was taken prisoner by the Gremlin (who then headed a secret Soviet base there). Glenn Talbot volunteered to rescue Ross. However, after Talbot was able to free Ross, he himself was shot during the rescue mission and was captured. Afterward, General Ross returned with a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Clay Quartermain into the Soviet Union to rescue Talbot. With assistance from the Hulk, Ross and Quartermain finally succeeded in freeing Talbot. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the teams and/or characters.)

Later, Talbot learned that Betty no longer loved him. She was still in love with Bruce Banner. Therefore, Glenn and Betty were soon divorced.

After the strain of many years of failures of hunting and trying to stop the Hulk, General Ross suffered a nervous breakdown and was relieved of his command of Gamma Base. Because Talbot was the man with the next most experience in battling the Hulk, he was promoted to Colonel and given command of the Gamma Base by the Pentagon. Determined to gain vengeance for the loss of his wife's love and for Ross's nervous collapse, Talbot was intent on destroying the Hulk. However, Talbot proved to be no more of a success at destroying the Hulk than Ross had been. Dissatisfied with Gamma Base's repeated failures to end the menace of the Hulk, Congress finally shut down the base. However, Glenn's obsession with killing the Hulk continued on. Talbot committed treason by stealing the War-Wagon (a highly sophisticated flying battle cruiser) and went off on his own to locate and kill the Hulk. This led to a battle between Talbot and the Hulk in Japan. In the end, Talbot died. (To learn about the War Wagon, click on the highlighted name above.)

Later is was reavealed that Talbot was alive. However, it was discovered that this Talbot was a fake (an LMD
) orchestrated by the Intelligencia. The real Talbot is still assumed to be dead. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about LMDs and/or the Intelligencia. Also, the fifth picture posted is of the LMD of Talbot.)

To learn a tiny bit more about Glenn Talbot, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Talbot,_Glenn.

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  1. I got him confused with the psychologist until I saw his movie picture... Betty sure is a heart breaker!