Monday, December 6, 2010


Real Name
Frankie Raye


Former herald of
Galactus, adventurer, translator

United States of America

Place of Birth
New York, New York

Known Relatives
Phineas T. Horton (stepfather)

Group Affiliation
Unofficial member of the Fantastic Four; formerly Heralds of Galactus

College graduate


140 lbs

White, no visible pupils


Nova could manipulate cosmic energy in the form of stellar fire, surrounding herself in a flaming aura. Her portion of the power cosmic allowed her to manipulate all forms of energy, fly at warp speed, and survive in outer space.

Frankie Raye was fluent in more than one language besides English.

Other Info
Frankie Raye's biological father deserted his family when she was young. Her mother married a man she knew as Thomas Raye. Later, Frankie's mother passed away, leaving her in her stepfather's care. Without any other family activities, she helped her step-father in his lab that he worked in as a hobby.

When Thomas Raye learned about the
Human Torch (Johnny Storm) of the Fantastic Four, he became very angry. Frankie had no idea that her step-father was actually a man named Phineas T. Horton (he had created the first android Human Torch; however, the government shut down his research and put the deactivated Human Torch and his old equipment in a warehouse). Horton left to go to his warehouse and Frankie came with him. While carrying some bottles of chemicals, Frankie fell through some weak planks and the bottles she was carrying broke. The chemicals doused her and she burst into flames; but, instead of being harmed, she gained powers similar to the Human Torch's. However, Horton hypnotized her to be afraid of fire, so she wouldn't use her powers. (To learn about either Human Torch and/or the Fantastic Four, click on their highlighted names above.)

For the next few years, Frankie lived a relatively normal life. She finished high school and college and got a job as an interpreter for the United Nations.

Later, Frankie met Johnny Storm and began a romantic relationship with him and soon discovered that he was the Human Torch. Soon after, Mister Fantastic was able to break Frankie's hypnosis, and she regained her memories. Under Johnny's guidance, Frankie learned how to control her powers and became an unofficial member of the Fantastic Four. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Mister Fantastic.)

When Galactus returned to Earth, Frankie Raye offered herself to him as a herald in order to save Earth. Galactus granted her a portion of the Power Cosmic and she departed Earth leaving everything behind. She was now known as "Nova." (To learn about Galactus and/or the Power Cosmic, click on their highlighted names above.)

Nova took delight in finding new worlds for Galactus to feed on, caring little for the lives of aliens. That was, until she met the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer saw Nova falling into the same apathy he himself had experienced when he was a herald of Galactus. Therefore, the Silver Surfer did his best to teach her to value all life. During this time, Nova and the Silver Surfer even had a short-lived romance. In the end, the Silver Surfer finally brought Frankie to a primitive world and asked her if she would feed it to Galactus. She said she would; but, then she learned that the Silver Surfer had actually brought her back in time to a young Earth. (To learn about the Silver Surfer, click on his highlighted name above.)

After this, Nova grew reluctant to serve Galactus. Finally, Galactus cast her out, taking the vicious executioner Morg as his new herald. Nova then joined with her fellow heralds (Silver Surfer, Terrax, Firelord and Air-Walker) in opposing Morg. However, during the battle, Morg slew Nova with a blast of energy through her chest. Afterward, the Silver Surfer laid her body to its final rest within a sun. (To learn about some of the heralds of Galactus, just click on their highlighted names above.)

Recently, Frankie showed up being alive after all, working at a diner in Nevada. However, when a psychic shockwave from space struck Las Vegas, Frankie flipped out and hopped in her car and went speeding down the road. She eventually stopped her car and was seen exploding in a flash of light. Later on, it was shown that Frankie had become a new Nova.

To learn a little more about Nova, click on the following link, (Note: Beware of the form-fitting outfit on Nova's bio page).

Frankie Raye appears in the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer movie. However, she appears as a US Army Captain and does not have any of her powers.


  1. I swear nobody stays dead in the Marvel Universe! I think the writers have abandonment issues and can't say a true goodbye to anyone.

  2. She may have her powers yet. She may be in the military as a translator and still hypnotized to fear fire and no memory of her powers. We'll have to see in the next Fantastic 4 movie.

  3. Good point, Steve. She still may be hypnotized.

    I know they weren't too popular, but I wouldn't mind another Fantastic 4 movie. :-)