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Real Name

Hitman, mercenary, one man death squad


Place of Birth
Smolensk, Russia

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation
Gnucci Crime Syndicate, Grand Nixon Island Paramilitary Organization, founding member of Daredevil, Man Without Fear fan club of Smolensk.



573 lbs



Following his resurrection and subsequent reconstruction at the hands of General Kreigkopf’s paramilitary organization, The Russian possessed greatly enhanced strength and damage resistance. This is as a result of a large amount of Adamantium being surgically grafted to his bones, as well as various super-hard plastics being added to his physical structure, and the addition of a Titanium jaw. He has since been proven able to withstand knife and gunshot wounds, as well as emerging largely unscathed from a full-blown plane crash.

Despite having no formal training in the art of combat, The Russian is a world class brawler and street fighter. Implanted lungs from a gorilla as well as a combination of three hearts mean The Russian is capable of greatly enhanced feats of endurance and is extremely slow to tire in combat. He also possesses boosted olfactory senses as a result of the procedures carried out on him.

Other Info
Little is known of the origins of the man known as the "Russian," except for the fact that he has a history of violence. A long-time associate of Ma Gnucci and her mafia cartel, the Russian has angered many powerful individuals. In fact, on one occasion, a government agency sent a special forces team to hunt him down; however, the Russian defeated them and released the sole survivor of the team as a warning for the repeated attempts on his life to stop, or else he would come for those that organized the attacks.

Following these events, the Russian received a call from Ma Gnucci requesting his assistance in dealing with the Punisher. Accepting this offer, the Russian attacked the Punisher in his apartment, overpowering him and beating him senseless. However, due to a hot slice of pizza in the Russian's eyes, the Punisher was able to trip him. Then the Punisher used his morbidly obese neighbor, Mr. Bumpo, to smother the Russian to death. Afterward, the Punisher cut off the Russian’s head and used it to taunt Ma Gnucci. (To learn about the Punisher, click on the highlighted name above.)

A little later, a paramilitary organization under the command of former US General Kriegkopf took the Russian’s remains to their base on Grand Nixon Island. It was here that he was reconstructed using Adamantium, super hard plastics, and a variety of organs obtained from animals such as gorillas. The Russian was turned into a killing machine that the organization planned to hire out to the highest bidder. One downside of the Russian's reconstruction was the need to inject a series of untested chemicals and hormones to help his body accept its new parts. However, due to a side effect of these hormones, the Russian had grown breasts. In this new form, the Russian would often wear a dress. (This newly created version of the Russian is shown in the fifth picture posted.)

Before heading off on his first assignment, the Russian requested one more chance at defeating the Punisher. Again the Russian severely beat Frank Castle, before tying him up and throwing him from the top floor of the Empire State Building. Fortunately, for the Punisher, Spider-Man saved the Punisher and joined the fight himself. But, Spider-Man was eventually knocked unconscious by the Russian. However, the Punisher began to use Spider-Man as a human shield against the Russian. Eventually, the Punisher was able to use Spider-Man’s web shooters to stun the Russian enough to open up an opportunity to knocking him off the roof. The Russian fell through the pavement and down into the path of an oncoming subway train. However, the Russian was able to walk away from it all and return back to Grand Nixon Island and be reconstructed once more. (To learn about Spider-Man, click on his highlighted name above.)

After being reconstructed again, the Russian was placed on a 747 plane to begin his first mission for his new bosses. However, immediately upon take-off, the Punisher (who had come to Grand Nixon Island in pursuit of General Kreigkopf) shot down the jet. The Russian survived this crash with only superficial injuries, and then chased the Punisher onto a plane loaded with a forcefully obtained French nuke (destined to be dropped onto a meeting of European leaders taking place in Brussels, Belgium). Following yet another brutal fight, the Punisher managed to hook the Russian to the nuke, which he then dropped from the plane onto Grand Nixon Island, annihilating all life on the base, including the Russian.

The Russian was a huge superhero fan. He was the president of The Daredevil, Man Without Fear, Fan Club of Smolensk. He also wanted to get autographs from the X-Men and the Fantastic Four before he was killed.

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