Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Battle Ultimate 2 Results

A last minute vote made the Battle Ultimate 2 end in a TIE!!! Psylocke and Galactus are officially the "People's Choice of the Strongest Marvel Characters" (of the last 50 Marvel characters highlighted, anyway) on the Marvel Madness blog!

I checked the poll before I went to bed and Galactus was in the lead by 1 vote over Psylocke and War Machine with 15 minutes left in the poll. But, when I checked the votes in the morning, Psylocke had received another vote. WOW! This proves that every vote counts, right?! With only 8 voters, Psylocke and Galactus tied for first place with 3 votes each! Both will be crowned the victors of Battle Ultimate 2! (War Machine came in second place with 2 votes.)

Thank you for all those Marvel Maniacs that participated in the poll!

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