Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uncle Ben

Real Name
Benjamin Parker


Retired; former textile worker, carnival barker

U.S.A. (deceased)

Place of Birth
Brooklyn, New York

Known Relatives
May Parker (wife), Richard Parker (brother, deceased), Mary Parker (sister-in-law, deceased), Peter Parker (Spider-Man, nephew), Mary Jane Watson Parker (niece-in-law)

Group Affiliation

High school graduate


175 lbs.




Ben Parker was a good parent and a loving husband and he had many years worth of experience in textile working

Other Info
Ben Parker was a boy around the time of World War II. Later in life, he received some military training. Since high school, Ben had liked May Reilly; however, she had now fallen in love with a criminal. When May's boyfriend came to her one night and proposed to her on the spot, Ben was there to expose him as a murderer. When the police arrived and arrested the boy, Ben was there to comfort May. Afterward, Ben and May began relationship that soon evolved into love. Eventually, the two were happily married. (To learn about Aunt May, click on her name above. Young Ben Parker is shown in the third picture posted.)

When Ben's brother Richard and his wife Mary died, Ben and May decided to raise their son Peter as their own. Peter loved his Uncle Ben and Aunt May more than anyone in the world. (Click on the highlighted names to learn about Uncle Ben's relatives.)

Uncle Ben was later killed when a burglar was robbing their house. Uncle Ben had accidentally surprised the burglar, causing the criminal to shoot Uncle Ben. Telling May that he loved her, Ben died in her arms. (His death was what sparked the transformation of Peter Parker into the criminal-fighting Spider-Man.)

Uncle Ben once returned for five minutes as part of a birthday present from Doctor Strange for Peter Parker. (To learn about Doctor Strange, click on his name above. This is shown in the fifth picture posted.)

To learn more about Uncle Ben, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Uncle_Ben.

Random Note: Uncle Ben is the only Marvel character that has stayed dead across all major continuities.

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  1. Well the movies changed his death too... at least he stayed dead and hasn't really come back to life. Five minutes doesn't really count when you remember everyone else has 9 billion lives.