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Jim Morita

Real Name
Jim Morita 


Place of Birth 

Known Relatives
Group Affiliation
U.S. Army, Nisei Squadron, formerly Howling Commandos, Nick Fury 


5' 6"

135 lbs.




Jim Morita is skilled in judo and karate in hand-to-hand combat. He is proficient with explosives, and familar with stealth tactics and standard-issue U.S. Army weapons. Morita is a novice parachutist.

Other Info
Born to Japanese immigrant parents, Jim Morita was raised in America. Therefore, he was considered a "Nisei" (second-generation Japanese-American). When World War II broke out, Jim joined the U.S. Army and soon became a member of the Rangers.

At one point, Morita was assigned to a squad of Nisei soldiers under the command of Captain "Happy Sam" Sawyer. Jim was sent to the Able Company base with his squad; however, Morita arrived on the base days before the rest of his squad. Once at the base, a couple soldiers picked on Jim for being Japanese, and when they got rough with him, he used judo to fight back. Sergeant Nick Fury sprang to Jim's aid and helped drive them away. (To learn about Nick Fury, click on the highlighted name above. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit worn by one in the background on Nick Fury's bio page.)

Later, Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos went on a secret mission to rescue Dr. Warren Parker from a German concentration camp. Captain Sawyer asked Jim to assist them in their mission. When Fury began bellowing at Jim the same way he did with the other Howlers, Morita knew that he had found acceptance. Once at the camp site, the Howlers and Morita parachuted in from their plane and attempted to sneak in; however, one of the prisoners sent up an alarm. But, the Howlers and Morita still managed to break Dr. Parker out and fight their way out of the camp. Upon returning back to England, Jim found that his Nisei Squadron had finally arrived. In addition, one of the soldiers that had picked on Morita earlier apologized to Jim for his behavior because he had heard how Jim had helped the Howlers. (Click the highlighted name above to learn about the Howling Commandos.)

Some time later, when the Able Company base was invaded by Colonel Klaue, the Blitzkrieg Squad, and supplementary Nazi forces, Morita and his Nisei Squadron helped defend the base. In the end, Colonel Klaue was defeated by the Howling Commandos. Jim congratulated the team on their victory and said that he hoped he would able to serve with them again soon. (To learn about the teams above, click on the highlighted names.)

Later on, during a mission with his Nisei Squadron, Morita and the others were captured by Nazis and sent Prison Camp 13. Soon after, the Howling Commandos allowed themselves to be captured and placed in the camp so that they could help Morita and the others escape. Once the Howlers arrived, they learned that numerous escape attempts had already been tried, but the guards always caught and killed the men trying to escape. One prisoner, Bodenschatz, accused Morita of being an informer because of his Japanese heritage. Others in the group suspected the ranking officer in the prison, Captain Tim Corbett. Eventually, the Howlers and Morita's men made secret plans to escape; however, they spread a false plan for the informer to leak so that the Nazis would be unprepared for the real breakout. It was a success, and Morita destroyed the Nazi motor pool so that they couldn't follow them. 

As the escapees were trekking home, they stopped for water, and Gabe Jones offered his canteen to Bodenschatz after having a drink himself. However, Bodenschatz refused and exposed himself as a Nazi spy--just as Nick Fury had suspected; therefore, Captain Corbett killed Bodenschatz. Afterwards, Morita led the Howlers and the other prisoners to a nearby Nazi radio shack so they could radio for a pick-up so they could all return back to England. (To learn about Gabe Jones, just click on his highlighted name above.)

There is nothing there, but here is the link to Jim Morita's bio page on,,_Jim.

Jim Morita appeared in the film Captain America: The First Avenger as a Prisoner of War, and later joins Captain America and members of the Howling Commandos in attacking HYDRA bases.

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