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Real Name

Frost Giant

Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Ymir (ancestor) 

Group Affiliation 
Frost Giants 




Unknown; his left eye has been replaced by a golden orb


Like most Frost Giants from Jotunheim, Grundroth possess superhuman strength and resistance to physical injury. (The flesh and bone of the Giants of Jotunheim are about three times denser than similar human tissue, contributing to their superhuman strength and weight.) His powers are directly affected by the cold, which will cause him to grow and gain power. As the opposite is true as well, sufficient heat will cause him to shrink and lose ability. Frost Giants are extremely long-lived, but their life spans are not as long as those of the Asgardian gods, who have been able to extend their lives through consumption of the enchanted apples of Idunn.

Grundroth is particularly aggressive even for a Frost Giant. Also, his field of vision is limited to a degree as he only has one eye.

Other Info 
Grundroth is a Frost Giant of Jotunheim. He appeared to have some form of seniority among his fellow Frost Giants; in fact, he was quite possibly their temporary leader after they had another failure under the leadership of thier Frost Giant monarch and traditional leader, Utgard-Loki. Unfortunately, after one particularly loss at the hands of the Asgardians, (again being led by Utgard-Loki) Grundroth and his fellow Frost Giants were reduced dramatically in their physical size--average-sized humans now towered over them. (To learn about the races and/or place above, just click on the highlighted names.)

Later on, Grundroth and his fellow shrunken Frost Giants were approached by the Asgardian Loki in Jotunheim. Loki offered Grundroth and his fellow Frost Giants that he would restore them to their once former glory and stature, if they would serve him for a time. Grundroth and his Frost Giant agreed. However, once they were restored to their proper size, the giants turned on Loki. They sought the means to how Loki had restored them, so they could take this power source for themselves. (Loki had actually used the young mutant X-Man, Iceman, against his will to revitalize the Frost Giants) Although Loki was able to hold his own against the Frost Giants--even severely damaging some with heat attacks--he eventually fell under their group assault and both he and Iceman were at the mercy of these re-energized and angry Frost Giants. However, Thor arrived in time and brought a quick destruction to the giants. Realizing the battle was lost, Grundroth called for a retreat and he and his fellow giants fled.  (Click the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or team. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit worn by Loki in his woman-form on his bio page.)

Later on, Grundroth and his band of Frost Giants went to Midgard (Earth) to seek revenge on Thor by unleashing the Midgard Serpent (Jordmungand) on the God of Thunder. Once they arrived in Norway, Grundroth himself summoned the mighty beast and the Midgard Serpent departed to confront Thor. Grundroth and his Frost Giants followed so they could witness Thor's destruction. However, during their pursuit, they came across the lifeless body of Thor. Grundroth planned to take Thor's body back to Jotunheim so he could claim ruler-ship of the Frost Giants as his reward for besting the Thunder God; however, in an odd twist of fate, Loki intervened (still bitter about the Frost Giants' earlier betrayal, Grundroth in particular) and tricked one of Frost Giants into infusing his life force into the virtually invincible Destroyer, which then slew Grundroth and the rest of the Frost Giants present. (To learn about the above highlighted place, character, and/or armor, click on their names.)

There isn't anything there, but here is the bio of Grundroth,

Grundroth appeared in the film, Thor, as one of Laufey's Frost Giant soldiers. He fought against Thor when he invaded Jothunheim with Loki, Lady Sif, and the Warriors Three. However, he was defeated by a single strike from Mjolnir, which sent him flying against a frozen mountain. He was then seen fighting Hogun of the Warriors Three with twin Ice Daggers. Grundroth was also one of the Frost Giants that was brought to Asgard to assassinate Odin. In addition, he was one of the Frost Giants assigned to guard the Bifrost bridge and an incapacitated Heimdall. However, when Heimdall finally broke free of his icy prison, Grundroth was decapitated by Heimdall. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters, team, weapon, and/or place. Note: Beware of the very revealing outfit worn by Lady Sif on her bio page.)


  1. How could you tell which one was which in the movie? They all looked the same to me...

  2. Lots of internet research. ;-)