Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday!

It all started December 22, 2008 with a post about The Incredible Hulk. Now, 5 years later...the Madness continues!

To commemorate the 5 years that the blog has been going, a new limited time "Happy 5th Birthday" Marvel Madness header has been added to the blog.

Thank you for all your support in keeping the Marvel Madness blog, and my obsession, going! You are all awesome! And as always...Keep Up The Madness!

-Cory Garr
Founder of the Marvel Madness Blog


  1. Thanks cory for these bios!!! They are quiet interestin/ and make the movie we watch more AWESOME!!! :-)

  2. People were actually Very prejudice against Japanese Americans during WW2. I like how Marvel, even with fictional super heroes and technology, still uses real facts in their comics.