Monday, December 16, 2013

Bambi Arbogast

Real Name
Bambina Teresa Bliss Arbogast

Partner to Tony Stark; formerly personal assistant to Mr. Stark 


Place of Birth
Long Island, New York 

Known Relatives
Norman Arbogast (husband, deceased), Uranus Bliss (sister), Alison Arbogast (niece), Fred (first cousin, twice removed) 
Group Affiliation
Resilient; Heroes for Hire; Stark International

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) 

5' 1"


132 lbs.




Secretarial skills

Other Info 
Mrs. Bambina "Bambi" Arbogast began her administrative career in US Army services as a clerk to a mobile army surgical hospital unit. After this, she spent ten years in the US Department of Defense.

Later on, Bambi interviewed for a position as an executive assistant to Tony Stark--head of Stark International. While she was waiting for Stark to arrive for the interview, Bambi was caught in the midst of a battle between Iron Man and the villain known as Whirlwind (Bambi was unaware that Stark was Iron Man). However, she refused to run and instead she calmly managed the incoming calls on Stark's phone and even rescued items in the office from damage during the fight. At one point during the fight, Bambi distracted Whirlwind with the telephone which gave Iron Man the opportunity to knock Whirlwind unconscious. Afterward, Iron Man returned to his identity as Tony Stark and immediately hired Bambi without an interview due to her impressive capabilities. (To learn more about Iron Man and/or Whirlwind, just click on their highlighted names above.)

Over the years, Bambi became one of Tony Stark's most important employees at Stark International. During her time with the company, Bambi became friends with her fellow employees including James Rhodes. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about War Machine.)

At one point, when Stark International was set ablaze during a battle between Iron Man and Whipash, Bambi risked her life trying to rescue Stark's personal papers from the flames. (To learn about Whiplash, click on the highlighted name above.)

Babmi kept Stark International up and running, until Tony's drinking problem lead to the ruin of the company. After, Obidiah Stane took over Stark International, Bambi left the company. (To learn about Iron Monger, just click on the highlighted name above.)

More recently, when Tony reinvented his company as Stark "Resilient," he again hired Bambi--who was a millionaire investor at the time.

There is nothing there, but here is the link to Bambi Arbogast's bio page on,,_Bambi.

Babmi Arbogast makes a brief cameo in Iron Man 2 as Pepper Potts' secretary. She is also mentioned in Iron Man 3 by Happy Hogan who is reminding everyone about wearing their badges for security. However, she is not seen on on screen.

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