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Jacques Dernier

Real Name
Jacques Dernier


Resistance Fighter



Place of Birth

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation
French Resistance; ally of Howling Commandos



6' 0"

190 lbs.




Jacques was an able resistance leader and combatant. Also, he was trained in subterfuge, and could supply allies with false identities.

Other Info

Jacques Dernier was a member of the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation during World War II. (To learn about the Nazis, click on the highlighted name above.)

One day during WWII, Dernier came into contact with the Howling Commandos as they were transporting the daughter of Dr. Zenish back to England. He assumed that Sgt. Nick Fury was in love with her, and so he aided them for the sake of romance. The Howling Commandos gave Dernier the nickname "Frenchie." (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the team and/or their leader.)

At one point, Jacques, Claire (a member of the French Resistance), and two other members of their team were in the midst of sabotaging a Nazi ammunition depot when they were discovered. Claire was able to escape, but Jacques and the others were captured. When the Howling Commandos learned of Frenchie's capture, they met up with Claire who led the Howlers to the prison where Dernier was being held. While there, the Howlers ran into Jacques (who was actually a Nazi named Hans in disguise); however, Fury soon realized that he wasn't the real Jacques. Soon after, the Howlers found the real Jacques and broke him and the other Resistance members out of prison. Afterward, Frenchi returned to the underground and continued fighting for his country.

Later on, Dernier ran into the German spy named Irma. She pretended to be a member of the German underground; however, she nearly led Jacques into a Nazi trap in Paris. Some time later, Dernier met up with the Howling Commandos as they crossed into France following a mission in Germany. However, Frenchie recognized a "German nurse" with them as Irma. Fury did not want to believe Jacques because he had feelings for Irma. But sure enough, Irma led Nazis to the Howler's location, where Jacques and his Resistance fighters fought alongside the Howlers and managed to defeat the Nazis--Irma was killed in the firefight.

At one point, Dernier was contacted by Gabe Jones who had escaped from the Nazis. He learned about a singer named Carla Swain being held by the Nazis in Paris, and Frenchie helped Gabe go undercover at the club where she sang to rescue her. (To learn about Gabe Jones, just click on the highlighted name above.)

Leading up to D-Day, the Howlers met up with Frenchie in Normandy. They all worked together and tricked a number of high-ranking Nazis to a chateau (manor house), where Dernier posed as a butler. Once the Nazis arrived, they attacked them and destroyed an airfield.
There is nothing there, but here is the link to Jacques Dernier's bio page on,,_Jacques.

Jacques Dernier appeared in the film Captain America: The First Avenger as a Prisoner of War, and later joins Captain America and members of the Howling Commandos in attacking HYDRA bases.


  1. Fury didn't believe him about Irma because he had "feelings" for her. Seems like all these comic people often let their romantic inclinations get them into trouble!

  2. Marvel should have made a TV series based on the Howling Commando's operations.