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Team Name

Base of Operations
Current Members 
Harokin (leader), Eliif Dragonslayer, Baldric 

Former Members 
Big Sigrid, Erik Lonnroth, Magnus the Dane 

Othher Members (Honorary, Reserve, etc.)
Executioner (Skurge) 

Other Info 
Much about the Einherjar warriors is unknown. However, what it known is that they are the honorable dead warriors who inhabited the mighty hall Valhalla. They wait for the final battle at Ragnarok to fight on behalf of the Asgardians. (To learn about the above highlighted place, event, and/or race, just click on their names above.)

At one point, Surtur used the Cask of Ancient Winters to cross over from Musphelheim with his demon hordes. The Einherjar were came forward and fought alongside the U.S. Military and the Avengers to drive the demons back. The Einherjar were so impressed by the modern weapons used in battle by the military that they took some machine guns back with them. Therefore, the Einherjar can been seen using various Asgardian and modern weapons in battle. In addition, they ride Asgardian chariots and Pegasuses. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the character, object, and/or team.)

Later on, Hela began taking mortal souls to Hel. When this happened, Thor called upon the Einherjar to help him stop her. The Einherjar and Thor, along with Balder and the Executioner traveled to Hel to rescue stolen souls taken by Hela. During the process, Hela attempted to persuade the Executioner to join her warriors onboard of Nagelfar--the ship of the dead. However, he saw through her tricks and used his axe to cleave a dimensional rift, destroying both the ship and the axe in the process. After they all had retrieved the human souls, they were pursued by a huge army of the dead. Thor, volunteered to buy time for the everyone else to escape; however, the Executioner knocked him out from behind, and volunteered to hold the bridge of Gjallerbru in his stead. He stood alone, and fought off Hela's army as the Einherjar and Balder took Thor and escaped with the rescued souls. For this heroic last stand, the Executioner earned a place among the honorable dead of the Einherjar residing in Valhalla. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Hela on her bio page. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one in the background of the Executioner's bio page.)

There is nothing there, but here is the link to the Einherjar's bio on,

In the movie, Thor: The Dark World, the Einherjar are an army of elite warriors that are personally trained by the ruler of Asgard and given the task to protect Asgard and to stop conflicts within the Nine Realms. They serve as the main army of Asgard, and the main warrior-class of Asgardian society. As shown in the movie, Thor, it appears that during times of peace, the Einherjar serve as palace guards such as when they are seen guarding Odin's Vault.

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  1. I like how all of the Asgardian helmets have shapes - is there a significance to the different shapes? And why do Thor and Loki and Odin all have their own but these guards all have the same? And why don't we see cool helmet shapes on the girls? =)