Sunday, November 24, 2013

Battle Royal 19

Imagine if twelve Marvel characters were to be in a huge battle where there could only be ONE victor! Putting the "good" and "evil" notion to the's EVERYONE vs. EVERYONE--No alliances! Only ONE can be left standing!

Please choose who you think would win among the twelve Marvel characters in the poll.

Who will be the victor? Only YOU can decide!

Also, if you have time, please leave the reason why you think the character you chose would win in the "Comment" section below. This way, we can all see your reasoning in choosing your winner.

The twelve characters that are involved in the Battle Royal 19 are...

The Collector, Kurse, Malekith, Rick Jones, Fin Fang Foom, Graviton, Polaris, Human Torch (Jim Hammond), Joan the Mouse, Shin, Madeline Drake, and William Drake. (If you have forgotten some of these characters' powers/abilities, go ahead and check out their bios right here on the Marvel Madness blog by clicking on the highlighted names above.)


  1. The following is an excerpt from Graviton's page: "His power is so great as to nearly be immeasurable."

    He wins =)

  2. Well we know that Joan the Mouse, Madeline Drake, and William Drake are the first to go.

    Shin's armor is powerful, but he wouldn't stand against Graviton, Fin Fang Foom, etc. The Human Torch (Jim Hammond) would be able to deal lots of fiery damage, but also would be overcome by forces such as Kurse and/or Rick Jones. Polaris can use magnetic powers to even levitate others, but it's nothing compared to Graviton's powers and she would be taken out by the strength alone of others.

    Of those remaining, Malekith is a powerful sorcerer, but he isn't as skilled in battle as others and would be overwhelmed. The Collector is extremely powerful, but he did not focus on fighting skills and he too would be overwhelmed by the power of Kurse has destroyed him the past--he could do it again.

    This leaves the Final Four as Kurse, Rick Jones, Fin Fang Foom, and Graviton. Now, Fin Fang Foom is huge and could stomp on others, and fly away. But once Graviton forced him to stay on the ground, he is just too large of a target and any of the others could take him out. Between Kurse and Rick Jones (in his A-Bomb form) I believe Kurse would actually be victorious. If Rick Jones was able to tap into the Destiny Force, he could do some damage, but Kurse has almost "immeasurable strength." A-Bomb could use camouflage, but it would only last so long until Kurse found him and destroyed him.

    These leaves Kurse vs. Graviton. If we went by fighting skill alone, Kurse would win, no question. However, Graviton can "increase and decrease gravity to a nearly unlimited number of objects at the same time, even while distracted." So, even with the distractions of battle, he can throw people around like rag dolls. In addition, he can create force fields. He just would be too much for anyone in the battle.

    The victor for Battle Royal 19: Graviton!