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Real Name
Bor Burison

Former King of Asgard 

Place of Birth
Known Relatives
Buri (Tiwaz, father); Bestla (wife, deceased); Odin, Ve, Vili (sons, deceased);  Frigga (daughter-in-law) Balder, Hermod, Hoder, Thor, Tyr, Vidar (grandsons); Loki (adopted grandson); Mimir (brother)
Group Affiliation



650 lbs.



Like all Asgardians, Bor was extremely long lived and aged at a much slower pace than humans, but was not immortal. He could feel the presence of Odin – were he still alive – in any of the nine worlds. Bor appeared to have near limitless power including superhuman strength, endurance, durability and reflexes He could channel potent energy beams from his eyes, guide lightning to strike a desired target, and Bor could even unleash forces powerful enough to destroy the Earth. 

Bor was a fierce warrior and an expert at armed and unarmed combat. 

Other Info 
When his father Buri abdicated the throne, it left Bor as the ruler of Asgard. A born warrior, he led his people in a time of power and prosperity and won their loyalty both through his leadership and also through his triumphs on the field. Bor was also one of the gods who had created the universe. Along with his other accomplishments, he was an unquestionable and powerful ruler.  (To learn about the above highlighted character and/or place, just click on their names.)

Later on, Bor took the giantess Bestla as his wife. The two had sons named Odin, Ve, and Vili. When Odin was born, Bor paid him special attention, grooming him to one day take his place as King. He taught Odin how to fight, rule, serve, and also to defend his dreams. However, Bor did not encourage Odin to dream his own dreams. Therefore, when Odin went against Bor's wishes and created man on Earth, Bor was enraged. Unable to undo what his son had done, Bor sent every possible horror imaginable upon the inhabitants of Earth. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters.)

One day, during a great war between the Asgardians and the Frost Giants, Bor led his forces against the giants with Odin at his side. Together with his son, they proved too much for the Frost Giants to handle. However, when one giant attempted to flee, Bor pursued him and stumbled into a trap set by a powerful sorcerer (who was actually the present-day incarnation of Loki in disguise who traveled into the past) who turned him into snow. Odin found his father as the wind was blowing Bor's form apart. However, before Bor was completely gone, he asked his son to find a sorcerer strong enough to restore him. He told Odin his spirit would rest in the snow until he was recalled. After this, he was blown away in the wind. (To learn about the races and/or character above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit worn by Loki in his woman-form. Also, Buri cursed as snow is shown in the fourth picture posted above.)

Afterwards, Odin told the other Asgardians that  his father had perished and proclaimed him as king.

Upon his return to the wintry present-day, Loki used his magic to restore Bor from the snow. However, he also placed a spell on Bor to alter his perception of the world around him--humans looked like demons and vehicles looked like giant monsters. Confused by his surroundings, and distraught from his realization that Odin was gone, Bor began destroying everything around him in a fit of rage. In fact, when Thor appeared to stop him (both of them did not know who the other was), he too looked like a demon. However, Bor could sense Odin's power within the form of the demon before him, and he assumed it was because this was the monster responsible for killing his son Odin. Thus, striking with a fury only Bor could possess, the Asgardian began his assault on Thor. In fact, Thor would have been killed if not for the Odinforce within his body. Thor tried to reason with Bor, but Loki made sure the two could not communicate verbally either. During the battle, Bor actually caught Thor's hammer, Mjolnir (apparently being one of the few who are worthy of wielding it), but he discarded it, thinking that it wasn't worthy of him. Thor did not want to kill a fellow Asgardian, so he called for help from the Avengers. Unfortunately, it was Iron Patriot's (aka Norman Osborn) Dark Avengers who answered the call. When the Dark Avengers arrived, Iron Patriot ordered them to take out both Bor and Thor. Therefore, briefly, Bor and Thor worked together to fight off the team. The Dark Avengers could not defend themselves against the combined might of the two Asgardians. After they got rid of the Dark Avengers, the two returned to battling one another. Blow after blow, neither Asgardian would give in and things only got worse when Bor began unleashing his true power--power that could tear the entire Earth apart. To avert this tragedy, Thor knew he would have to kill his foe. One final time, Bor and Thor squared off against one another, each prepared to deliver the killing blow. However, Thor was victorious--Mjolnir shattering upon the killing blow to Bor. (To learn about the ability, teams, and/or character highlighted above, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the form-fitting/revealing outfits worn by some on the Dark Avenger's bio page.) 

Thor's brother, Balder, had learned about who Thor was fighting and rushed to tell him; however, he was too late to stop Thor from killing their grandfather. Bor died in the arms of his grandson, Thor, not knowing who he was. When Thor learned of who he had just killed, the God of Thunder was overcome with horror and grief. Loki then reminded Balder that killing a member of the royal family was punishable by banishment from Asgard forever (Loki's plan all along). Having no choice but to uphold the laws of his people, Balder cast Thor out from Asgard for killing his grandfather, Bor Burison. (To learn about Balder, click on the highlighted name above.) 

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