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Ho Yinsen

Real Name
Professor Ho Yinsen



Timbetpal (presumably)

Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Unidentified Wife (deceased), unidentified son (deceased)

Group Affiliation


5' 2"

120 lbs.




Professor Ho Yinsen was a Nobel Prize winning Physicist.

Other Info
Ho Yinsen was a pacifistic, physicist, engineer, and professor from Timbetpal. When Tony Stark was in college, Stark had greatly admired the older man's work. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Iron Man.)

In his old age, Yinsen was captured in Vietnam by the communist warlord Wong-Chu. Later, Tony Stark was also captured as well, and this is where the two met. In the Vietman prison, Yinsen built a magnetic chest plate for Stark which kept the shrapnel that was blown into his chest from a tripped land mine from reaching his heart. Soon afterward, Wong-Chu ordered Yinsen and Stark to build weapons for him. The two agree; however, instead of building weapons for Wong-Chu, Yinsen and Stark decided to secretly build an iron suit of armor. (This suit would include a device for Stark's heart to keep him alive). When they begin charging up the armor, Wong-Chu began to be suspicious and decided to investigate Yinsen and Stark's work along with some of his armed guards. To buy Tony some more time to charge the armored suit, Yinsen sacrificed his life by distracting Wong-Chu and his men. Yinsen's idea worked, and Tony was able to suit up the armor, and avenge Yinsen's death. Tony had apparently killed Wong-Chu and his men, and freed all of the prisoners.

Twelve of Wong-Chu's former prisoners were disciples of Yinsen. One of them went by the name of Sun-Tao. Sun-Tao decided to lead the other disciples in a quasi-religious cult named the "Sons of Yinsen." The Sons of Yinsen developed very advanced technology from notes in Yinsen's journal given to Sun-Tao before Yinsen had died. The Sons of Yinsen used this technology to create an apparent utopia of New Timbetpal (a floating, ambulatory, usually-cloaked city in the sky). (To learn about the Sons of Yinsen, click on their highlighted name above.)

Later, it was revealed that Wong-Chu had actually survived the attack by Iron Man, and that Yinsen's brain was preserved alive (salvaged by an inter-dimensional merchant called Doctor Midas). Doctor Midas had sold Yinsen's brain in an auction to Wong-Chu. After learning of this, Iron Man helped the Sons of Yinsen defeat Wong-Chu and recover Yinsen's brain.

Afterward, the Sons of Yinsen attempted to resurrect Ho Yinsen by placing his brain inside a sentient Iron Man armor. However, (unknown to them) the armor was actually under Ultron's control. Therefore, falsely believing Ultron to be the resurrected Ho Yinsen, the Sons of Yinsen followed his directives toward planning for a war. However, only Sun-Tao refused to obey, for which he is removed as leader of the Sons of Yinsen. Therefore, Iron Man, Sun-Tao, and Jocasta worked together to defeat Ultron and the Sons of Yinsen. After this, Ultron attempted to blow up the floating city of the Sons of Yinsen to kill all of them as well as Iron Man; however, the sentient armor had apparently absorbed enough of the thoughts of Yinsen that part of it acted to save Iron Man and Sun-Tao from the destruction of the city. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the two characters. Note: Beware of the very form-fitting and revealing armor and outfits on Jocasta and Ultron's bio page.)

There is no bio on, but here in the link to Yinsen's bio page,,_Ho.

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  1. Interesting; his character in the movie was the same except for the change in ethnicity ;-) I guess they chose a country that they felt was a more recent threat.