Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crusher Hogan

Real Name
Joseph Hogan


Custodian, former
professional wrestler


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Marie Hogan (wife)

Group Affiliation
Formerly Championship Wrestling

High-school dropout


210 lbs.




In his prime, Crusher was a world-class wrestler, capable of defeating any normal opponent. Even in retirement and out of shape, Crusher is a scrapper, wielding a mean broom.

Other Info

Crusher Hogan was the champion and top star of the Championship Wrestling league that was losing it's battle to the bigger rival: Global Wrestling. Hogan was a genuine athlete who knew all the body's weaknesses and was prepared to exploit them; however, the crowds had fallen off and Bobby (his boss) advised him to abandon the group and join the wealthy Global Wrestling. Even Hogan's wife Marie also pushed him to take a job with real money, but Crusher was too loyal to change wrestling leagues. Instead of taking a bigger money offer to leave his employer and finish out his career with Global Wrestling, Crusher created a plan to capitalize on his natural wrestling ability and get people coming to the arenas to watch him (hopefully saving his failing Championship Wrestling league). Taking the microphone after one match, without informing Bobby of his plans, Hogan refashioned his image into a bad guy by disrespecting the fans and offering a reward to anyone who could last three minutes in the ring with him.

Hogan's tactics worked for a time and people started coming to the shows in greater numbers, hoping to see the champ humbled. Slowly, the struggling Championship Wrestling league began to turn around. No one could last with the champ until a young Peter Parker learned of the challenge. Parker had just received his "Spidey" powers and was looking for a way to cash in. Peter faced the challenge and jumped into the ring with Crusher Hogan with his face covered by a makeshift mask. Parker quickly humiliated Hogan by picking him up and carrying him up a pole. (To learn about Spider-Man, click on the highlighted name above.)

After the embarrassing loss, Crusher Hogan's life became a shambles. Championship Wrestling went broke, his wife
Marie left him, and he was relegated to working as a custodian at a local boxing gym. At the gym, Crusher began telling tall tales to people (like up-and-coming boxer Bobby Chance) about how he trained Spider-Man, created the web-shooters, and providing the red and blue costume. Later, when gym owner Madame Fang and her enforcer Manslaughter Marsdale discovered that Bobby planned to sign a contract with someone else, they decided to put the young boxer out of commission. However, Crusher overheard these plans and help defend Bobby in the fight. Unfortunately, Hogan was over-matched and doomed to defeat until Spider-Man, passing by the gym, joined the fight and defeated Manslaughter.

Afterward, taking pity on Hogan for the way his life had gone after their first run-in, Spider-Man decided to play again with Hogan's claims and stories, making the washed-up wrestler a hero in the eyes of all the gym rats.

To learn a little more about Crusher Hogan, click on the following link,,_Crusher.

In the movie
Spider-Man, the character of Crusher Hogan is called "Bonesaw," and is played by professional wrestling legend, Macho Man Randy Savage.


  1. I liked this guy in the movie... his ratio of screen time: quote-ability is amazing =)

  2. I think it was a good name change. Crusher hogan sounds scary and all, but the crowd chanting bone saw, holding signs that say "Kill Him" and holding large fake saws is MUCH worse. Making a better connection with how Peter must have felt facing such a titan.

  3. I agree. Bonesaw is a bit more intimidating!