Sunday, April 17, 2011

Willie Lumpkin

Real Name
William Lumpkin

Retired United States Postal Courier


Place of Birth
Glenville, Nebraska

Known Relatives
Frederick Lumpkin (Nephew), Timothy Lumpkin (Grand-Nephew), Billie Lumpkin (Niece)

Group Affiliation


5' 8"

165 lbs.




Willie Lumpkin can wiggle his ears

Other Info
Willie Lumpkin was a mailman for a small Midwestern town. Willie always dreamed of working for the U.S. Postal Service in a major metropolitan area. Then when his long-time girlfriend left him for the affections of his best friend, Willie decided that there was nothing stopping him from pursuing his dream.

Willie moved to New York City where he maintained a steady mail route which included the Baxter Building. He worked the same route for many years and then the Fantastic Four moved to the top five floors of the building. Willie's life had become monotonous up to this point, and when he met the leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards, he half-jokingly asked to be member of their group; he based his petition on the grounds that he had the "power" to wiggle his ears. Mr. Fantastic responded with equal humor and told Willie that he'd keep him in mind. (To learn about the above highlighted place/team/character, just click on their name.)

Although he was never invited to become a member, Willie has played roles in several of the Fantastic Four's adventures/battles. Once the Mad Thinker had taken over the Baxter Building, and the Fantastic Four were able to defeat him because Willie had pushed a doorbell at 4 o’clock which shut down all of Mr. Fantastic equipment. Another time Willie spent Christmas Eve locked in a reinforced closet while the Fantastic Four battled the Super-Skrull. Willie also accidentally activated Doctor Doom's time machine when he was being mind-controlled by the villain Tempus. When Willie had done this, he traveled backward to another dimension and began to play havoc with that dimension's space-time continuum. However, the Fantastic Four was able to rescue him. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the characters.)

At one point, Willie Lumpkin met Aunt May and the two briefly dated. (To learn about Aunt May, click on her highlighted name above.)

Willie semi-retired, but still worked as a mailman on a part-time basis. He refused to enter full-retirement because he felt there were still many adventures to be had with the Fantastic Four. However, recently, Willie's niece named Billie has taken over his position as the Fantastic Four's mail carrier.

There is not anything on, but here is the link to the bio page,,_Willy.

Willie Lumpkin makes a cameo appearance in the film, Fantastic Four. He is played by his own creator: Stan Lee.

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  1. I love that Stan Lee is part of the Marvel movies. He deserves it for sure!

    I also like that Willie can wiggle his ears. I wonder if Stan Lee can too... ;-)