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Real Name
David Linus Lieberman


Computer hacker, Vigilante, barman


Place of Birth
Brooklyn, New York City

Known Relatives
Louis Frohike (Microchip Jr., son, deceased)

Group Affiliation
Hood 's Gang; formerly worked with the Punisher

Studied at State University, extensively self-taught

5' 8"

220 lbs.




Master of computer programming and information gathering; skilled in construction and gathering of weaponry; experienced in the use of firearms.

Other Info
David Linus "Microchip" Lieberman was a great computer hacker in the early days of the hacking business. He performed many different scams and hacks that are still held in awe today. However, one scam brought him too close to real-world criminals forcing him to go into "retirement" as a quiet unassuming businessman.

Later, Lieberman's nephew (attempting to follow in his favorite uncle's footsteps) was caught and killed after accidentally hacking into the private computers of Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin). While personally investigating his nephew's murder, Lieberman met the Frank Castle (aka Punisher). After this, the two began working together. (To learn about the Kingpin and/or the Punisher, click on their highlighted names above.)

Microchip helped the Punisher in many ways. He helped him by working as a hacker and a cyber-investigator. In addition, Microchip helped Castle by managing and laundering the Punisher's finances (taken from the criminals he terminated), setting up and equipping safe houses, and obtaining ammunition and equipment. However, Microchip was less obsessed with the war on crime than the Punisher, and also acted as a type of counselor to the Punisher--encouraging him to take occasional vacations and breaks so as not to get burned out or go crazy.

Microchip and the Punisher have had many disagreements over their time of working together. One time, after a disagreement, Microchip went into hiding and worked as a barman. Later, after another disagreement over the Punisher's methods (he felt that the Castle had lost sight of their original goals and had gone over the edge), he decided to replace Frank Castle with with his own "Punisher." So, Microchip chose former Navy Seal, Carlos Cruz. (To learn about this, and other, "Punishers," click on the highlighted name above.)

Later, Microchip and Frank Castle eventually came face-to-face in one of Microchip's safe houses. Here, the two battled it out with guns. However, during the battle, Microchip was killed by a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named "Stone Cold." (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about S.H.I.E.L.D.)

After some time, the Hood brought Microchip back from the dead and offered to bring Microchip's nephew back to life as well if he helped him in dealing with the Punisher--Microchip agrees. After the Punisher is captured, the Hood wanted to to start a revival ritual of the Punisher's family. Therefore, Microchip shoots and kills G.W. Bridge, which activates the ritual using Bridge's life force to resurrect Microchip and Punisher's families. However, the Punisher refuses to accept this, and forces Firebrand (a man that was resurrected by the Hood that had his fire powers augmented so he could melt through concrete or metal) to burn them all alive. This act left Microchip with the loss of his son.

There is nothing on, but here is the link to Microchip's bio page,

Microchip appears in the film, Punisher: War Zone, and is played by Wayne Knight (you may know him as 'Newman' from "Seinfeld.")

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  1. Why is he a villain if he helped the Punisher? He doesn't sound so bad to me... aside from the illegal hacking (that he stopped.)