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Real Name
Loki Laufeyson


God of evil; former god of mischief and madness

Realm of Asgard

Place of Birth
Jotunheim, Asgard

Known Relatives
Laufey (father, deceased), Farbauti (mother, deceased), Sigyn (wife, deceased), Odin (foster father, deceased), Frigga (foster mother, deceased), Thor, Vidar (foster brothers, deceased), Hela, Fenris (Wolf), Jordmungand (Midgard Serpent), “Son of Satan”(children, deceased), Arkin (cousin, deceased)- Note: It is unrevealed if any of the above deceased have been restored to life by Thor in the recent aftermath of Ragnarok

Group Affiliation
Cabal, Asgardians; formerly Lost Gods, manipulator of the "Acts of Vengeance" prime movers

Extensive training in the rites of black magic


525 lbs



Loki possesses physical abilities far superior to humans, an increased lifespan, superhuman strength (able to lift up to 50 tons), immune to terrestrial diseases, and resistant to conventional injury.

Loki is perhaps the most powerful sorcerer in all of Asgard. His many magical abilities included shape-shifting (able to gain the basic natural abilities inherent in each form), astral projection, molecular rearrangement, eldritch energy blasts, illusion casting, flight (via levitation), telepathy, hypnosis, and teleportation.

Loki is immune to most physical injury, and can reattach severed body parts, including his own head. Loki can mystically imbue objects or beings with specific but temporary powers, and enhance the powers of superhumans. Loki can also magically create rifts between dimensions, allowing him or other objects passage from one universe to another. Most often this rift is between Asgard and Earth.



Other Info
Loki is one of several powerful beings from the magical realm of Asgard. Odin, ruler of the Asgardian gods, led his subjects in a war against their enemy, the frost giants from the land of Jotunheim (one of the nine worlds of Asgard). Laufey (king of the Frost Giants) was slain in battle and the giants were defeated. After the war, the Asgardians discovered a small Asgardian god-sized baby hidden at the giants' main fortress. This infant was Loki, whom Laufey had kept hidden due to his shame over his son's diminutive size. Odin remembered his father Bor's dying words to adopt the son of a father killed by his hands; therefore, Odin adopted Loki into his own family and raised Loki like a son along with his biological son, Thor. (To learn about the above highlighted characters, place, and/or race, just click on their names.)

As a boy Loki began studying the arts of sorcery, for which he had a natural affinity. He became infamous for his mischievousness; however, he secretly resented Thor and the love that Odin lavished upon him. When Odin was preparing his greatest gift for Thor (the enchanted hammer Mjolnir), Loki interfered with its creation, causing its handle to be forged too short. Loki was envious that Thor would one day wield Mjolnir, and over the years repeatedly crafted schemes to make Mjolnir’s power his own. (To learn about Thor's hammer, click on the highlighted name above.)

As Loki matured into a young man, his antics became more and more pronounced, until Odin finally sent him to jail to learn from his actions. Fed up with Asgard, Loki used his magic to escape his cell, and eventually met Eldred the sorcerer, who increased his training in the black arts. Finally, Loki confronted the 1000-foot tall fire demon Surtur (enemy of the gods from the one of the nine realms of Asgard called Muspelheim) and offered him Eldred’s soul in exchange for power. Surtur accepted, and Loki assumed ownership of Eldred’s lands and minions. His foray into the black arts earned him the title of the "God of Evil” among the Asgardians, and he forged alliances with many of the realm’s enemies. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about Surtur and/or his realm.)

Later, Loki mated with the goddess Angerboda, who bore him the monstrous offspring Jormungand (the Midgard Serpent) and the Fenris Wolf. In addition, she bore him a daughter named Hela (the goddess of death). Then, Loki tricked the goddess Sigyn into marrying him by posing as her true love, Theoric. (To learn about the above highlighted characters above, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing and/or form-fitting outfits on both Hela and Sigyn's bio pages.)

Eventually, Loki learned of the prophecies of Ragnarok (a cataclysmic event in which he was fated to bring about Asgard’s ruin). Loki decided to embrace this destiny, and sought the means to bring about Ragnarok on more than one occasion. However, Loki usually crafted his schemes so subtly that Odin and Thor could rarely justify punishing him, and Loki would continue to live in their midst, awaiting his next opportunity. (To learn about Ragnarok, click on the highlighted name above.)

At one point, Loki obtained an advantage over his brother Thor when Odin sentenced Thor to Earth in the guise of Dr. Donald Blake. Loki sought victory over his brother by exploiting Blake’s human weakness, and employed many pawns against him on Earth, including Sandu, Amora the Enchantress, Surtur, Cobra (Klaus Voorhees), Mr. Hyde, Absorbing Man, and the Super-Skrull (Kl’rt). In one attempt to trick Thor into battling the monstrous Hulk (Bruce Banner), Loki diverted a distress call intended for the Fantastic Four to Dr. Blake’s office, but it was also intercepted by the Wasp, Yellowjacket (Henry Pym), and Iron Man (Tony Stark). When these four heroes learned of Loki’s involvement, they banded together with the Hulk to defeat him. Soon after, these heroes decided to form a team to face future threats, calling themselves the Avengers--Loki long regretted having caused their formation. (To learn about the many different heroes, villains, and/or teams, just click on their highlighted names above. Note: Beware of form-fitting outfit on Amora's bio page.)

Many times, Loki actually defended Asgard with his family members. Once, Loki stood alongside Thor and Odin against Surtur and Malekith the Accursed. Also, when Seth of the Ennead (Gods of Egypt) led his Demons of Death into conflict with Asgard, Loki refused an alliance with him. In addition, Loki discovered that Seth was holding Odin prisoner within the Black Pyramid, the source of Seth’s power and Loki secretly helped Thor rescue their father. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about the characters and/or thing.)

Sometime later, Loki created a plan for the enemies of all super-heroes to obtain their revenge. During this “Acts of Vengeance” conspiracy, Loki appeared to Dr. Doom (Victor von Doom), the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), the Mandarin, the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), and the Wizard as an anonymous lackey, offering them the power to manipulate Earth’s super-villains into conflicts with heroes who would be unprepared for unfamiliar adversaries. Each of the six “prime movers” was led to believe that he was the one arranging the scheme. However, Loki’s plot was finally uncovered by Thor, and he was defeated. As a final act of vengeance, Loki merged three mutant-hunting Sentinel robots into the powerful Tri-Sentinel, but it was defeated by Spider-Man (Peter Parker) (who had become Captain Universe after being granted the phenomenal “Uni-Power” to face this threat). (To learn about the different characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by X-23 on the Captain Universe bio page.)

Afterward, Loki assumed the guise of a businessman on Earth, and enlisted the rock troll Ulik, Amora the Enchantress, and a criminal band known as the Wrecking Crew to aid him against Thor. At this time, Thor was bound to the mortal Eric Masterson; therefore, Loki had Eric’s son Kevin captured. Later, Thor was able to set Kevin free, but as an act of spite, Loki hurled a blast of energy at Kevin and his mother Marcy. However, Amora (now acting against Loki) took control of Kevin’s babysitter Susan Austin and had her take the blast for Kevin and Marcy. Thor then became so furious with Loki's attack that he used Mjolnir to draw Loki’s life force from his body, seemingly killing him. However, Loki’s consciousness had actually taken over the body of Odin while he was in Odinsleep (a time when Odin lay vulnerable while recharging his energy), and through him took command of Asgard. Eric and Sif eventually found Odin’s spirit within the realm of the demon Mephisto, and they restored Odin to his body while Mephisto claimed Loki’s spirit instead. (Click on the highlighted names to learn about the characters and/or team above. Note: Beware of the revealing oufit on Sif's bio page.)

Although he was now a prisoner in Hell, Loki’s spirit continued to wander when Mephisto was distracted. At one point, Loki plotted with Pluto of Olympus to trade enemies, with Loki arranging the death of the Olympian demi-god, Hercules, while Pluto plotted Thor’s demise. However, both Loki and Pluto failed. Finally, Loki was able to escape Mephisto’s realm when Thor reluctantly enlisted him to aid him against the New Immortals (beings genetically created by the High Evolutionary using genetic material obtained from Thor). But, Loki’s physical form no longer existed, and he had Sigyn temporarily bond him to a suit of armor. He continued to trouble Thor, as well as Eric Masterson (now the hero Thunderstrike) by possessing armored hero War Machine to attack Thor. Later, Loki struck a bargain with Seth to have him genetically engineer a new body, and his spirit took possession of it. Afterward, Loki sought revenge on Thunderstrike, but when War Machine, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) were drawn into the fray, he was instantly reminded of the Avengers and ended the fight. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters and/or team. Note: Beware of the extremely form-fitting and revealing outfit on the She-Hulk's bio page.)

Once again, Loki tries to start the events leading up to Ragnarok. However, this time Thor allowed him to play the events out to their conclusion, having realized that Asgard was caught in a repeating loop of death and rebirth, denying his people true warriors’ deaths. Therefore, Thor decapitated Loki, and kept his still-living head with him as he permitted Surtur to unleash the final assault on Asgard. Thor then confronted the mighty beings called Those Who Sit Above in Shadow (the powers responsible for the repeating the Ragnarok cycle throughout history for their own benefit) and saw to their destruction. Loki was apparently consumed in the destruction of Asgard alongside his brother. (To learn about Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, click on their name above.)

However, after Thor broke the Ragnarok cycle, the souls of all Asgardians were hidden within mortals on Earth. At some point, Loki took possession of Sif’s body, transferring her spirit into that of an elderly woman. Balder, whose spirit was within the Destroyer armor, gathered numerous Asgardians, including Loki, to protect themselves. Through the “Odinpower” he inherited from his father, Thor restored Asgard on Earth in Broxton, Oklahoma where he discovered and restored the Asgardians gathered by Balder. To all, Loki appeared to be simply reborn as a woman, as the possession of Sif was not apparent. While feigning a new benevolence, Loki wasted no time in causing unrest by revealing to Balder that he is a son of Odin, sowing seeds of tension between Balder and Thor for the right to rule. However, sometime later, Thor learned of Sif’s fate and restored her, returning Loki into his male form. (To learn about Balder, click on his highlighted name above. Note: The fifth picture is of Loki in his woman form.)

In his final scheme of revenge on all Asgard itself, Loki manipulated the insane Norman Osborn (who had manipulated the government into becoming the head of the peace-keeping force, H.A.M.M.E.R.), to use his resources to attack Asgard with extreme prejudice. The resulting siege of Asgard ended with the destruction of Loki at the hands of the Void (the wicked alternate-persona, of the heroic Sentry (Robert Reynolds)).

More recently, Thor found a new version of Loki in Paris, France. Loki was in the body of a young orphan named Ikol.

There is no bio on Marvel.com, but here in the link to Yinsen's bio page, http://marvel.com/universe/Loki.

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  1. I wonder if the Avengers movie will follow this storyline for the formation of the Avengers and if the antagonist storyline will follow the Acts of Vengeance... it seems as though the movies are well set up for that.