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Real Name


Sentry of Asgar

Realm of Asgard

Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Sif (deseaced, sister)

Group Affiliation
Gods of Asgard
, Lost Gods



575 lbs



Heimdall has the typical powers of an Asgardian god, including superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He also possesses superhuman senses, most notably his vision and hearing. His senses are said to be so acute that he could hear sap running through trees and see events occurring miles away. Heimdall also briefly possessed the Odinpower, which granted him the power to channel cosmic energies.

Heimdall is an experienced warrior, and a fierce hand-to-hand combatant.

Other Info
Heimdall is the brother of the warrior Sif. Not much is known about Heimdall's childhood. However, as an adult, he has stood as the guardian of Asgard's Rainbow Bridge and defended the city's gates from any intruders with his superhuman senses (most notably his vision and hearing) for ages. Heimdall was one of the most trusted servants of Odin. (To learn about the above characters, place, and/or bridge, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit on Sif's bio page.)

As sentry of the Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall has encountered and battled many people. When Thor was cast out of Asgard, Heimdall battled Thor to prevent him from re-entering into Asgard. Later, Hemidall battled Thor again to prevent him from leaving Asgard when Odin did not want Thor to see Jane Foster again. At one point, Heimdall was immobilized by the Asgardian Seldring when Seldring had stolen the Odinforce. Also, at later time, Heimdall encountered the Recorder during an attack of the superstrong monster Mangog. (To learn about the different highlighted characters above, just click on their names.)

When Asgard was invaded by the fire demon Surtur, Heimdall attempted to defend the gates, but was overcome, and the Rainbow Bridge was destroyed. No longer needing to be stationary, Heimdall spent more time in Asgard, and became close to Amora the Enchantress, who was soon infatuated with him. However, when Odin returned to Asgard after Surtur's defeat, he gave a portion of his power to Heimdall to rebuild the Rainbow Bridge, and Heimdall resumed his duties. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters.)

Soon afterwards, when Odin was about to enter his Odinsleep, he passed the Odinpower on to Heimdall to rule Asgard until he awoke. Unfortunately, Heimdall had to deal with a major crisis in the life of Thor at this time (as Thor had been banished into the subconsciousness of the mortal Eric Masterson, who had assumed Thor's responsibilities). Sif was determined to find the real Thor, and her determination drove a wedge between her and her Heimdall. When Karnilla conspired with Loki to rule Asgard by having Odin awaken with Loki's soul possessing him, Heimdall was branded a traitor and banished to the Dream Dimension, where he was saved from the demon Nightmare by Amora. Eventually, Eric Masterson helped restore Odin (and later Thor as well); however, Heimdall and Amora drifted apart when Amora realized that his duty to Asgard was greater than his love for her. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or place. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Karnilla and Loki--in his woman-form--on their bio pages.)

At one point, when Odin cast the Asgardians into the guises of mortals to protect them from a false Ragnarok, Heimdall became known as Donald Velez, and joined the other "Lost Gods" in attempting to rediscover who they were, and in battling the Egyptian death-god Seth. Eventually, Heimdall and the others regained their true forms and defeated Seth just as Asgard was being attacked by the Dark Gods--they were all taken prisoner. However, they were finally rescued by Thor. (To learn about highlighted character, event, and/or groups above, just click on their names.)

When Asgard was struck by with the real Ragnarok, Heimdall perished in battle defending his people; however, in reality, his soul was placed inside a mortal man like all the other Asgardians. Heimdall was the first that was found after Thor recreated Asgard in Broxton, Oklahoma and started to search for the other gods. Heimdall watched over the new Asgard and helped Thor to locate the rest of the gods with his powers.

More recently, during the events of
Siege (Noman Osborn's attempt to takeover Asgard), Heimdall was one of the first targets to be taken out by Norman Osborn and his forces. However, Heimdall eventually recovers and joins his comrades in battle and defeats the invaders. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about Norman Osborn and/or his attack on Asgard.)

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In the Thor movie, Heimdall is played by an African-American which is very different from Norse mythology. However, I think the actor did an awesome job, so I don't mind at all.

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