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Howard Stark

Real Name
Howard Anthony Stark


Businessman, Brotherhood of the Shield enforcer, scientist


Place of Birth
Richford, New York

Known Relatives
Maria Collins Carbonell Stark (wife, deceased), Anthony Edward Stark (Iron Man, son), Edward Stark (brother, deceased), Morgan Stark (nephew), Isaac Stark Sr., Isaac Stark Jr. (ancestors)

Group Affiliation
Hellfire Club, Control, Brotherhood of the Shield, Project Tomorrow

Advanced degrees in physics and mechanical engineering


170 lbs.


Gray with white temples; formerly black


Howard Stark was a genius years ahead of his time, adept in atomic physics, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer imagery and biochemistry. He was a ruthless businessman and adept in a fight, either barehanded, with advanced weaponry or using alien technology.

Other Info
Howard Stark was a brilliant scientist and ruthless businessman. He and his father worked on various projects, and eventually founded Stark Industries. Throughout his young adulthood, Stark worked on many different government projects including the "Manhattan Project" and the "Arsenal" robots. (To learn about Stark Industries or the Arsenal robots, click on the highlighted names above.)

Howard married
Maria Collins Carbonell and together they had a son named Anthony "Tony" Stark. Howard constantly pushed Tony and treated him harshly. He would tell Tony that someone must have "iron in their backbone" to be successful. Howard also dealt with a severe case of alcoholism. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Iron Man.)

Due to his power as a businessman, Howard was offered membership to the exclusive
Hellfire Club, but it seemed that Stark was uninterested in anything other than the parties the club threw. Also, at one point, Howard was targeted by the Red Skull (Johann Schmidt). In addition, it was rumored to Stark had met the Watcher, Uatu. And at least once, Howard prevented Obadiah Stane from taking control of Stark Industries. (To learn about highlighted groups and/or characters above, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the women in revealing outfits on the Hellfire Club's bio page.)

Unfortunately, Howard and his wife Maria died in a car crash (apparently due to faulty brakes arranged by business competitors). Their death inspired their son Tony to take both business and engineering seriously.

To learn a tiny bit more about Howard Stark, click on the following link,,_Howard.

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  1. Hey look! Alcoholism is hereditary even in comic books! It is a shame that alcoholism is a trait often passed down in families.