Monday, February 21, 2011

Captain Stacy

Real Name
George Stacy


Retired; former NYPD captain


Place of Birth
Unrevealed, presumably New York City

Known Relatives
Helen Stacy (wife, deceased), Gwen Stacy (daughter, deceased), Arthur Stacy (brother), Nancy Stacy (sister-in-law), Paul Stacy (nephew), Jill Stacy (niece), Gabriel and Sarah Stacy (grandchildren), Gwen Stacy clones (genetic daughters)

Group Affiliation

College educated


190 lbs.




Captain Stacy was an excellent policeman who rose to the highest levels

Other Info
Captain George Stacy was one of the most respected former police officers in the NYPD. He and his wife, Helen, had one daughter by the name of Gwen. Even after retirement, Captain Stacy kept up with the happenings at the department. In addition, he had taken an interest in the superhero, Spider-Man. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Later, John Jameson called Captain Stacy out of retirement to assist in the return of a device called the Nullifier (which could render any electrical or mechanical apparatus inoperative) that Doctor Octopus had stolen. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the different characters.)

Captain George Stacy identified himself as a strong supporter of Spider-Man. He also took an instant liking to Peter Parker (who was known for photographing the wall-crawler on numerous occasions.). He openly encouraged the growing bond between Peter and his daughter, Gwen.

Later, Captain Stacy was put under a hypnotic trance by a "rigged" camera operated by Mary Jane Watson. She had taken photos of Captain Stacy unaware that her actions were aiding the Kingpin. Through this, Captain Stacy was compelled into a backroom where he underwent additional brainwashing by the camera's inventor, Dr. Winkler. Despite Spider-Man's efforts, Captain Stacy returned programmed to follow the Kingpin's orders; therefore, Captain Stacy later stole police records for the Kingpin. But, Peter Parker's automatic camera captured this theft. Then Peter gave the photos to J. Jonah Jameson, hoping that this apparent betrayal of the Stacy family would actually help prove the Captain's innocence. Soon afterward, George and Gwen Stacy were kidnapped by the Kingpin's men and held captive at one of Norman Osborn's labs where Dr. Winkler worked. The Kingpin intended on eliminating both George and Gwen Stacy after they were used to lure Spider-Man into his crushing hands; however, while Spider-Man battled the Kingpin, Norman Osborn arrived and tackled one of Kingpin's henchmen that were holding the Stacys at gunpoint. Though the Kingpin fled, and Dr. Winkler was apparently killed, the Stacy's were rescued. Norman Osborn's testimony to the police cleared Captain Stacy's name. (To learn about the different characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Eventually, Captain Stacy started to suspect that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were the same person. Then, after a feverish Peter admitted to being Spider-Man before his friends (including Captain Stacy), Parker asked the Prowler to imitate Spider-Man so Peter and "Spider-Man" could be seen together. However, Captain Stacy was not fooled. Later, Captain Stacy was called into action one night. Captain Stacy watched Spider-Man battle Doctor Octopus on a rooftop high above the city. A crowd had gathered nearby to watch the confrontation. As the two fought fiercely, chunks of concrete began to dislodge from the roof and rain on the spectators below. Spotting a child standing under the falling concrete, Captain Stacy leapt to cover the boy; he paid for his act of heroism with his life. Abandoning his fight, Spider-Man swung down just in time to hear Captain Stacy's final words, "Be good to her, son! Be good to her. She loves you so very much." (To learn about the Prowler, click on his highlighted name above.)

To learn more about Captain Stacy, click on the following link,,_George.

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  1. Sad day! He sounds like a genuinely good person. Of course he's the one who dies and doesn't come back to life... that's lame Marvel, really lame.

    Plus, the actor who played him in the movie is awesome =)