Monday, February 14, 2011

Battle Supreme Results

According to the poll, the end result of the Battle Supreme ended in a tie. However, there was a phone call vote that happened before time ran out that was not tallied. And even though it goes against my vote, I still believe it is fair that this person vote (especially since they have voted on every poll so far and technically verbally gave their vote before time had expired). So, even though it goes against my vote...the official "People's Choice of the Strongest Marvel Character" on the Marvel Madness blog that has been highlighted so far is...GALACTUS!

WOW! This proves that every vote counts, right?! Galactus ended up with 7 votes. Silver Surfer came in a very close second place with 6 votes, and Psylocke received no votes!

Thank you for all those Marvel Maniacs that participated in the poll by internet or by phone!

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