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Real Name


Master ninja

Place of Birth
Possibly Japan

Group Affiliation





Kirigi is able to heal himself from any wound through meditation, and he is believed to be immortal.

Kirigi is a master fighter and an expert with ninja weaponry.

Other Info
Kirigi has been considered a legend and has possibly existed since the feudal struggles of old Japan. He's considered a legend among ninjas, and feared above all else. (He uses uses a variety of weaponry, including his sword, poisoned foot spikes, throwing stars, and a rope knife. He also wears a traditional ninja garb, including a hood which covers his entire face.)

When several members of the Hand failed to kill the Gladiator, the Hand's leader called forth Kirigi to finish off the suviving ninjas and to kill Elektra. A group of ninjas lured Elektra and Daredevil to their secret hideout. When the ninjas were able to separate Daredevil and Elektra, Kirigi attacked Elektra alone. However, Elektra was able to wound Kirigi, and he ran off to heal. (Click on the the characters and group above to learn more about them. Note: Beware of Elektra's bio pictures: either skin-tight or revealing.)

After this, Kirigi found an abandoned church, where he decided to meditate and heal his wounds. Once fully healed, he continued to hunt down Elektra. After locating her, she led him to a warehouse, and ran him down with a semi-truck, which subsequently exploded. However, just as their last battle, Kirigi rose up once more. Ultimately, Elektra cut his head off with his own sword, believing him to finally be dead.

Later, the Hand was able to break into the city morgue to steal Kirigi's body, but they were opposed by the Black Widow. After a short battle, the ninjas were finally able to get Kirigi's body. Then they were then able to resurrect Kirigi. This time, they sent him after Stick (Elektra and Daredevil's mentor and leader of the Chaste). Kirigi found the Chaste's headquarters and attempted to kill Stick. However, Stick and several members of the Chaste killed Kirigi once more, and this time destroyed his body, so the Hand can no longer bring back their master warrior from the dead. (To learn more about the above characters and group, click on their names above. Note: Beware of Black Widow's occasional skin-tight outfits on her bio page.)

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The Kirigi character in the movie,
Elektra, seemed to be a much different person than the one in the comics. However, the person in the movie was really cool during fight scenes (even though the movie, as a whole, wasn't the best). It also appears that Marvel Studios doubled up on actors again. The actor Dan Yun Lee, who portrayed Kirigi in Elektra also is the Kenuichio Harada in the film, The Wolverine.


  1. Huh... you've done a lot of dead characters lately. Is that coincidence? =)

    I can't believe he's 7 feet tall, and he's still so agile. That's so huge.

  2. Yep, just a coincidence. But, that's funny that you noticed that. Good eye! ;-)