Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Hogan

Real Name
Harold Joseph “Happy” Hogan


Former Tony Stark chauffeur, aide, assistant; former boxer and personal trainer; former head of Stark Foundation

U.S.A., deceased

Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Virginia "Pepper" Hogan (wife), two adopted children

Group Affiliation
None; formerly: Iron Legion






Hogan had no superhuman powers but when he mutated to a monster named Freak his strength grew to superhuman levels.

Experienced former boxer

Other Info
Harold Hogan got his ironic nickname of "Happy" because he always refused to smile during his boxing days.

One day, Happy rescued someone from a brutal car collison that person had been involved in. That person turned out to be Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). As a token of his gratitude, Tony hired Happy as his personal chauffeur. (To learn more about Iron Man, click on the highlighted name above.)

Soon after being hired, Hogan fell in love with Stark's secretary Virginia "Pepper" Potts. After many invitations, Pepper finally agreed to go out with Happy. After some time, the two fell in love and got married. (To learn about Pepper Potts, just click on her name above.)

After some time, Hogan had been inadvertently transformed three times into the monster known as the "Freak." (Shown as the forth picture posted above.) The first time was after an injury sustained during an incident with the Titanium Man. The second time was after exposure to cobalt rays when assisting Stark in building a new set of armor. The third time was after suffering injuries while filling in as Iron Man. (The fifth picture posted is of the Iron Man armor that Happy used when filling in for Iron Man.) After the third transformation into the Freak, Pepper decided that being involved in Tony Stark's life was too dangerous for the couple, and they took an extended leave of absence. (Click on the highlighted Titanium Man above, to learn more about him.)

Later on, Tony's friend and confidante Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes (aka War Machine) called on Hogan to assist him and others (who had at one time played Iron Man) to go up against the giant robot Ultimo. Hogan agreed, and the group was successful in battling the robot. (To learn more about War Machine or Ultimo, click on the highlighted names above.)

Later in Hogan's life, a new incarnation of Spymaster grievously injured Hogan which resulted in his hospitalization. At the hospital, Hogan was left on life-support in a vegetative coma. Pepper actually begged Tony Stark to pull the plug to stop her husband from suffering. At first Tony refused; however, after some time, he reluctantly complied. (To learn more about the character above, just click on his name.)

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  1. So it's another character from the Marvel Universe who is dead and has actually stayed that way.

    We should nickname our firstborn "Happy" =)