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Real Name
Jubilation Lee

Adventurer, student, former student counselor, actress, street performer, thief, ex-mutant clinic assistant


Place of Birth
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

Known Relatives
Mr & Mrs Lee (parents, deceased), Hope (paternal aunt)

Group Affiliation
Formerly New Warriors, Xavier Institute Student Body, X-Men, X-Corps, Generation X

Various courses at Xavier Institute, Massachusetts Academy, and Payton-Noble High School


115 lbs.



Jubilee once could generate multi-colored globules of energy plasma she calls "fireworks." She could vary their power and intensity, from a multitude of sparkles capable of temporarily blinding others to a powerful detonation capable of much destruction, and could also absorb the energy back into her body without harm to herself. Jubilee had the potential to detonate matter on a molecular level. During her stint as Wondra from the New Warriors, Jubilee used tech devices that gave herself super strength, flight, and limited invulnerability. She kept her Wondra gear after the team disbanded, potentially needing to call upon those powers in the future.

Jubilee is a highly-skilled gymnast and rollerblader. She is trained in first aid and CPR. She also possesses fair thieving skills and hand-to-hand combat experience.

Other Info
Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee was born to prosperous Chinese immigrants and was sent to exclusive Beverly Hills school. There, she discovered her talent for gymnastics. Jubilee spent much of her time rollerblading with friends at the local mall, but ultimately ran into trouble with the mall security. Facing juvenile detention if caught, Jubilee panicked and first manifested her mutant ability to generate explosive energy.

Soon after, her parents were mistakenly killed by hitmen. Jubilee fled to the only home she had left: the mall. At the mall, she survived as a thief and street performer, but eventually the mall security tired of her eluding capture and called in a team of mutant hunters known as the M-Squad. Fortunately, for Jubilee, that day the mall was visited by the female members of the X-Men. When the M-Squad attacked Jubilee, the X-Men came to her aid. Intrigued, Jubilee followed them and arrived at the the X-Men's base in outback Australia. (To learn about the X-Men, click on their highlighted name above.)

She lived at the X-Men's base until the team disbanded. After which their former member Wolverine returned to the town and was ambushed by the cyborg Reavers. Jubilee was able to help Wolverine escape, and stayed by his side while he recovered. This created a close bond for the two teammates. She was also able to rescue another former X-Man, Psylocke, from the Mandarin's control in Madripoor. After this, Jubilee accompanied them back to the U.S. where she joined a reformed team of the X-Men. Soon after, Jubilee learned the truth about her parents' deaths and managed to exact revenge on the assassins; however, she stopped herself before killing them. (To learn about the above character's and team, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the skin-tight outfit worn by Psylocke on her bio page.)

After some time, Jubilee then joined the Generation X training team that was formed by Professor Xavier. As one of the founding members, Jubilee learned to further control her explosive powers and improve upon her field leadership skills. During her stay with Generation X, Jubilee managed to help her teammates in battles against Emplate, Sentinels, and the Juggernaut, among others. (To learn about the characters and team above, click on their highlighted names.)

During Operation: Zero Tolerance, Bastion captured Jubiee in order to get information on the X-Men. She resisted his mental probes for a considerable amount of time and also made a few escape attempts. After triggering a switch that freed the captured X-Men, she befriended Bastion's assistant, Daria, who helped her escape successfully. Jubilee was then confronted by a Prime Sentinel in the desert; however, she was able to defeated it with the help of Wolverine who was able to track her scent. (Click on the highlighted characters above, to learn more about them.)

After that, Jubilee stayed with the X-Men for a brief time, and then returned to her Generation X teammates. While training at the Massachusetts Academy, Jubilee discovered that Hunter Brawn was behind the death of her parents. Outraged, she took justice into her own hands and ended up throwing him in jail.

After Generation X disbanded, Jubilee returned home to try an acting career, which was ultimately short-lived due to an agent exploiting her.

Jubilee then briefly joined her former headmaster Banshee's paramilitary X-Corps. After that team was dissolved, Jubilee was one of several mutants captured by the mutant-hating Church of Humanity, who crucified them on the grounds of the Xavier Institute. Jubilee was one of the few to survive, thanks to the X-Man Archangel's newfound healing ability. After that, she rejoined the X-Men, adventuring with them against the threat of Nightcrawler's father, Azazel. (To learn more of the character's a groups above, just click on their names.)

Later on, Jubilee left the X-Men for a time to go home and live with her Aunt Hope. There, she returned to school and becoming a student counselor. However, she found herself caught up in her Aunt's secret life as a spy. Therefore, soon after, she returned to the X-Men.

Jubilee was one of the many mutants who were depowered due to "M-Day." However, this did not stop Jubilee from fighting crime. She joined up with the New Warriors (a group led by Night Thrasher that opposed hero registration. Each member of the team received power suits that gave them certain powers). As part of this team, Jubilee began going by a new codename: Wondra. Even though she lost her mutant powers, she wore gauntlets on her arms that give her incredible superhuman strength. She also wore tech devices that give her flight and limited invulnerability. (It is unknown why she chose these as her primary set of powers, but it has been stated that she is the team's strongest member. Also, the fifth picture posted is a picture of Jubilee as Wondra.) However, after a long time, the New Warriors disbanded. But, Night Thrasher allowed each team member to keep their power suits as not only a token of his appreciation, but also in case they would one day need to individually call upon their tech-enhanced abilities. (To learn of the event, team, or character above, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing and form-fitting outfits worn by some on the M-Day bio page.)

Jubilee makes cameo appearances in all of the X-Men movies. Most of the time, no body notices. In fact, I didn't even know until I watched special features or looked on the credits on One actress played her in the first movie, and another actress played her in the second and third movies. (Their pictures are posted as the second picture above.)

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  1. In the cartoons, Wolverine and Jubilee are good buddies - I like that their relationship is real =)

  2. I like that you added the "hero" and "villain" labels at the bottom of the posts. I hadn't noticed that before. :)

  3. I actually just added the labels about 30 minutes ago. I'm glad you noticed. :-)