Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Battle Royal 4

It's that time again...BATTLE ROYAL Time! BATTLE ROYAL 4!!! Imagine if thirteen Marvel characters were to be in a giant battle where there could only be ONE victor. Put the good and evil notion to the side. It's EVERYONE vs. EVERYONE. No alliances! Only ONE can be left standing. Please choose who you think would win among the thirteen Marvel characters in the poll. Also, if you have time, please leave the reason why you think the character you chose would win in the "comment" section below. This way, we can all see your reasoning in choosing your winner. Who will be the victor? Only you can decide!

The thirteen characters that are involved, are the last thirteen characters that have been highlighted on the Marvel Madness blog: Blob, Blade, Roxanne Simpson, Quill, Multiple Man, Pepper Potts, Agent Zero, Deadpool, Arclight, Leech, Green Goblin, Invisible Woman, and Bullseye. (If you have forgotten some of these characters' powers/abilities, go ahead and check out their bios right here on the Marvel Madness blog.)


  1. Alright, easily some of the weaker folks would be taken out first: Roxanne Simpson, Quill, Pepper Potts, and Arclight. One could argue that Arclight could put up a fight (having super strength) and Pepper Potts could use her iron suit (but her suit doesn't have offensive weapons), but I think they don't match up to the others. Also, Leech would die early. Yes, he could make everyone lose their ability; however, if anyone that had super powers was smart, they would take Leech out from a distance at the very beginning to make the battle a lot less complicated for themselves.

    Green Goblin would last for awhile, and so would Multiple Man (because of him creating so many duplicates), but eventually both would be taken out. I also believe Bullseye would probably go next (since he really doesn't have much besides being really accurate with his weapons). Invisible Woman could be invisible for a long time; however, eventually she would receive a powerful enough hit from someone (randomly) and she would be physically hurt. Therefore, she would be gone next.

    This leaves the top 4: Blob, Blade, Agent Zero, and Deadpool. Agent Zero can absorb energy and he can also make other peoples' regeneration powers to work against them. However, after some time he would be taken out. The Blob would be next. Nothing can pierce his skin; however, his eyes, nose, and mouth are weak. So, either Bullseye could have hurt him earlier with his precise throwing skills to take out those "soft spots," or, Blade or Deadpool would take care of that.

    Now, the Blade vs. Deadpool battle would last for a long time! Both Blade and Deadpool can regenerate. Both are skilled combatants. However, Deadpool can even regenerate vital organs and limbs. Therefore, even though I'm not a hugh Deadpool fan (and I would rather see Blade win), my vote has to go to Deadpool because he would just last longer!

  2. I agree with Deadpool winning, however, I think you're under-estimating the Invisible Woman. Not only can she be invisible, she can project energy force-fields, contain people, knock people over, etc. I don't think she's deadly enough... but I think she would be more annoying and last longer than you give her credit for.
    But Deadpool will definitely win. You see, being able to regenerate everything would come in handy. Someone thinks they "killed" him, and he comes back to life... though I doubt they'd get that close. He's too good of a fighter. And he's funny. So he gets my vote. =)

  3. This was a tough one to call. IF Leech takes everyones powers away could the regenerators die and not come back after Leech is dead? Leech is just a kid and wouldn't last long. If Leech was able to maintain the power blocking long enough I actually think Potts in her suit would be a force to be reckoned with, she still has repulsors that can take people out from a distance (as seen on the movie) The combatants like Deadpool and Zero wouldn't be able to penetrate the armor. Goblin has the glider and the most sinister weapons that could take out a large group of them at the very beginning if they have no powers. If powers get blocked, and Deadpool and Blade don't come back when Leech dies than I vote for Green Goblin.
    If powers aren't taken away or Deadpool gets back up, then he would defiantly win. I agree it would be a long battle but he would eventually be the last man standing.

  4. Pepper Potts because I like Gweneth...and like I said before Pepper Potts is like the coolest name ever!! Okay so I know I am like the outlyer in this poll for my reasoning...but there it you! Why don't you just call me Pepper from now on...and if your mad...Pepper potts.

  5. That sister of ours, "Pepper Potts" Peterson, is just so funny. ;)

    Before I read any of the reasoning above, I was thinking it was going to be between Blade, Bullseye, Green Goblin and Multiple Man. But I haven't read all the posts completely through. I agree with the reasoning. But, so as not to cheat, I guess I'll just vote for Blade.

  6. Deadpool is good, but Agent Zero has the acid that can take out his healing powers. If you take out the healing factor, Zero would take out Deadpool. Was Agent Zero not totally downplayed in Wolverine the movie. He was weak compared to what he really could do. Anyway, Invisible woman does pose a problem, but more so in the finding, not the killing in my opinion. How you like them apples!