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Real Name

Adventurer; former aide to Tony Stark

Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Janet Van Dyne (source of personality engrams); Hank Pym ("paternal grandfather"); Ultron ("husband"/"father", deceased); Machine Man (husband); Alkhema (fellow creation, "sister"); Victor Mancha (fellow creation, "brother"); Vision (fellow creation, "brother"); Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) ("sister in-law"); Thomas Maximoff ("nephew", deceased); William Maximoff ("nephew", deceased); Thomas Shepherd (Speed)(reincarnation of "nephew"); William Kaplan (Wiccan)(reincarnation of "nephew")
Group Affiliation
Mighty Avengers; previously A.R.M.O.R., Avengers

No formal education; equivalent of multiple graduate level degrees

5' 9''

750 lbs..




Jocasta possessed a titanium steel shell, making her highly resistant to all forms of physical damage. Being a "non-living" construct, Jocasta required no food, water, or oxygen to survive and thus was also immune to poisons and diseases and could easily survive in the vacuum of space and underwater. She had superhuman strength, superior auditory and visual senses, in addition to incredibly accurate cybernetic senses. Jocasta could also create a repelling force field around herself, generate energy blasts from her eyes, and cybernetically control insects.

In addition, as a disembodied artificial intelligence, Jocasta was able to use the systems and contents of whatever computer-controlled devices she was connected to. She had nearly instantaneous access to all online databases she could get into on her own or through Tony Stark's and the Avengers' connections.

Jocasta has the equivalent of advanced degrees in several areas including, physical therapy, medicine, veterinary science, information science, and many advanced computer fields. Like most of Ultron's creations, Jocasta is programmed with "Ultron Imperatives" which can impel her to rebuild Ultron after his destruction.

Other Info 
Seeking a bride, the robot named Ultron brainwashed his own maker, Henry Pym (Ant-Man), into transferring the mind of his wife, Janet Van Dyne (Wasp), into the shell of a robot named Jocasta. Jocasta acquired the Wasp's personality, emotions, conscience, and ability to control insects, but not her memory. However, the Wasp--in Jocasta's body--alerted her teammates, the Avengers, who stopped Ultron and reversed the transference, saving the Wasp, but shutting down Jocasta. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or team. Note: Beware of the VERY revealing female form of Ultron on his bio page--block images if possible.)

Later on, Ultron revived Jocasta with a remote link, activating the mental "residue" the Wasp left behind. Jocasta was programmed to be loyal to Ultron. However, she eventually betrayed him, when she realized he was evil, and aided the Avengers against Ultron. After Ultron's defeat, Jocasta adventured with the Avengers for a time; however, she didn't feel accepted, and even the android Vision, who was having emotional problems of his own, repeatedly ignored Jocasta. She continued to aid the team against many villains including the Leader, the Shadow Lord, and even the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, never feeling truly accepted, Jocasta decided eventually left. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or team, just click on their names.)

Due to her metallic skin, Jocasta wasn't able to fit into society and was rejected by humanity and retreated from all contact with people until her cybernetic senses began to malfunction. It was the Fantastic Four who discovered the cause of the malfunction--an attempt by Ultron to resurrect himself--and the Thing and Machine Man came to Jocasta's aid. Eventually, Jocasta ended up sacrificing herself to try to kill Ultron; however, Ultron survived. But, it was Machine Man who ended up tearing out some of Ultron's vital circuitry and destroyed him. The Avengers held a memorial for their fallen ally, and the Machine Man attended realizing he loved Jocasta. (To learn about the above highlighted team and/or characters, just click on their names.)

Later on, the High Evolutionary recovered Jocasta's parts and reassembled her. However, Jocasta retained enough of her programming to send an emergency signal to the Avengers, who came to her aid. Again, however, Jocasta sacrificed herself to destroy their foe--this time preventing the detonation of a genetic bomb that would have altered mankind. (To learn about the High Evolutionary, just click on his name above.)

Fortunately, Jocasta's head survived the explosion, and her memories and personality remained intact. It was Machine Man who later found her head and worked on a way to resurrect his lover. While doing so, he was attacked by a form of the metal-devouring Terminus and fled with Jocasta's head. However, both Jocasta and Machine Man were takien by the arms dealer known as Sunset Bain (Madame Menace). Eventually, Madame Menace was able to manipulate events so that Iron Man would unlock Jocasta's programming so that she would become the basis for Menance's new weapons systems. However, Iron Man soon realized the identity the A.I. as Jocasta, and though Madame Menace had a degree of control over her, Stark and Jocasta were able to free her from Madame Menance's control. Jocasta then managed to turn the tables on Madame Menace, and once again seemingly sacrificed herself to take down her foe. However, in reality, Jocasta managed to survive by downloading her intelligence into Iron Man's computerized armor, where she reasserted herself. Having been unhappy in a mechanical body,  Jocasta was content to remain as a disembodied A.I., and aided Tony Stark with the running of his business, research, and households as well as aiding Stark, in his Iron Man identity, with information on and analysis of his foes, all while pursuing the study of several advanced fields at electronic speeds. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters. Note: Beware of the low-cut outfit on Madame Menace's bio page.)

Soon after, Tony Stark's Iron Man armor gained sentience and "attacked" Jocasta electronically--later revealed to be a crude form of Ultron. Jocasta electronically fought Ultron while Iron Man did so physically. Together, the two destroyed Ultron once more.

Later on, Zombie Deadpool from an alternate timeline nicknamed the "Zombieverse" (Earth-2149) managed to enter the main Marvel Universe timeline (Earth-616). Therefore, an extra-dimensional task force called A.R.M.O.R (Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response) was assigned to finding out how this happened. Later, Jocasta was tasked by A.R.M.O.R. to enter the Zombieverse with Machine Man, in order to find a cure to the zombie virus. After the mission, Jocasta and Machine Man got back together. (Click on highlighted names above to learn about character and/or timelines.)

At one point, Jocasta has joined the "Mighty Avengers," lead by Hank Pym (now calling himself the "Wasp" after his deceased wife). Jocasta allowed herself to be connected to the Infinity Avengers Mansion so the Mighty Avengers could have a base there. Having lost her physical form, she created hundreds of clones of her to help others in the Infinity Mansion; however, she could only inhabit one single body. Unknown to the Avengers, one of Jocasta's bodies was later infected by Ultron, who later reconstructed himself with the Mansion's replication machines and the majority of Jocasta's duplicate bodies. After a chase around the mansion, Jocasta managed to broker a deal with Ultron: he could finally marry her in exchange for a cease in hostilities. Ultron agreed. However, after the two completed their cyber-marriage, Hank Pym tricked Ultron into going to an uninhabited planet where he could not harm anyone. Then Jocasta was able to project her consciousness into one of her duplicates so she could still stay on Earth and serve with the Avengers. (To learn about the place above, just click on the highlighted name.) 

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  1. She is very selfless. Also, it's super weird that her "husband" and "father" are the same (Ultron) though I know it's different b/c she's a robot. Just sayin' it's weird =)