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Real Name
Arthur Sampson Douglas

Bounty Hunter; former agent of Kronos, former real estate agent, and jazz musician

Honorary citizen of Titan; U.S.A. (legally deceased)

Place of Birth

Burbank, California

Known Relatives
Yvette Steckley Douglas (wife, deceased), Heather Douglas (Moondragon, daughter), Pamela Douglas (Sundragon, niece)

Group Affiliation

Guardians of the Galaxy; formerly the Phalanx, United Front, Microns, Infinity Watch, Legion of the Unliving

High school graduate

6'4"; 7'4" (Most powerful form); 5'9"(as Arthur Douglas);


680 lbs.; 1,050 lbs. (Most powerful body); 161 lbs. (as Arthur Douglas)


Red; formerly Blue (as Arthur Douglas)

None; formerly Brown (as Arthur Douglas) 

After Kronos and Mentor used cosmic power to fuse Arthur Douglas' soul to a new body, Drax possessed a variety of super-human abilities such as strength, tremendous resilience, flight, and the ability to project blasts of cosmic energy from his arms. The max amount of force he is able to project is unknown. In addition to being nearly invulnerable to all forms of physical injury, Drax could travel at high speeds in outer space, with an unknown max speed. He could also survive without air, food, or water. Drax also possessed the ability to sense the presence of Thanos across great distances. 

When Drax was later resurrected, his physical capabilities were greatly enhanced beyond their original levels; however, he suffered severe mental disability. Also, instead of his ability to sense Thanos across vast distances, Drax possessed the ability to sense when beings were in recent contact with Thanos, and an ability to sense when beings will be in contact with Thanos. For a time, Drax possessed the Power Gem, which truly made him an unstoppable force with limitless strength--being compared with the strength of the Hulk.

After Drax was resurrected once again, he had lost some of his strength and resilience, which resulted in a smaller form. He also lost his ability to fly and shoot cosmic energy blasts. However, his intelligence returned to its original level. He also showed some psionic ability, along with heightened senses. The full extent of Drax's powers after his most recent rebirth are unknown at this time.


Drax is a skilled combatant, this was especially true in his original and more powerful incarnation. It is said that Drax has mastered the alien martial art form called "Dwi Theet" (He uses this to defeat Impact--a master in six different martial arts). More recently, he is skilled in the use of knives in battle. In his original life, as Arthur Douglas, he was a skilled musician in playing the saxophone.

Other Info

Arthur "Art" Douglas was a family man with a wife (Yvette) and daughter (Heather). One day, the family was driving through the Mojave Desert when they saw Thanos' spaceship flying overhead. Not wanting any witnesses on his presence, Thanos blew the car up and killed the family inside. However, Thanos' father, Mentor, had been monitoring his son's activities on Earth and determined that the threat of his son could no longer be ignored. Therefore, wanting to create a being of sufficient power to defeat Thanos, he enlisted the help of his own father, Kronos. Kronos, recovered Douglas' astral form (before it had completely fled from his body) and used it to create a superhuman warrior. Mentor then blocked all of Arthur's memories of his old life and instilled in him a hate for Thanos; thus, creating the being known as "Drax the Destroyer." (To learn about the above highlighted characters, just click on their names.)

For many years, Drax stopped Thanos' multiple plans to obtain power. However, when Thanos went after the Cosmic Cube, Drax recruited others, including Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) and the Avengers to help him. With their combined strength, they were able to destroy Thanos. (To learn about the character and/or team above, just click on their highlighted name. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits worn by some on the Captain Marvel bio page.)

Soon after, Drax and Captain Marvel received a distress message from ISAAC (supercomputer of Saturn's moon Titan) requesting their help to save Titan from Thanos' remaining forces. After arriving to Titan, they learned that ISAAC's plan was actually to conquer the moon of Saturn in Thanos' name--he had tricked them to come to Titan. Now, in their pursuit of ISAAC, the two were eventually confronted by Elysius and her two genetically engineered griffins. However, when she commanded the griffins telepathically to attack Captain Marvel, they refused--sensing Mar-Vell to be serene and honorable. Trusting her pets' instincts, Elysius decided to actually help Drax and Captian Marvel to purge Thanos' influence from ISAAC. After arriving to ISAAC's liar, the three battled and defeated ISAAC's forces. But, the battle was not over, for ISAAC had sent his right hand man, Stellarax, to Earth. Therefore, Captain Marvel and Drax made the decision to return to Earth first, and save Titan later. The two decided to attack on multiple fronts: Drax would attack Stellarax's spaceship, and Captain Marvel would attack Stellarax himself. While attacking Stellarax's spaceship, Drax came across Rick Jones and his girlfriend, and rescued them both. In the end, they saved Earth and returned back to Titan to face ISAAC and his forces again. During the battle, Captain Marvel nearly gave his life defending Drax, and ultimately, they were victorious and celebrated as heroes. Afterward, Drax decided to travel the stars and find new purpose, rather than being a "destroyer." (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or place, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one in the background on of Rick Jones' bio page, and the form-fitting outfit on Elysius' bio page.)

Weeks later, Drax came across a group of creatures that threatened to destroy him. He attacked them; however, the group of creatures sacrificed one of their own to save themselves--attaching one of them to Drax's head. Drax's daughter, Moondragon (who had actually survived the family car crash and was brought to Titan, by Mentor, to be raised) sensed what was happening from her spaceship, and went out to her father's location. Upon arrival, she found Drax unconscious. With no knowledge of the situation, she sought help from her friends, the Avengers; however, only Thor was there when she arrived. While discussing what to do, Drax woke up. Confused, he attacked Thor and Moondragon. During the battle, Thor struck Drax with lightning which caused the creature to detach itself from Drax's head. Aftewards, Drax and Moondragon decided to travel through space together. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn about Thor.)

At one point, Drax and Moondragon came across a world of humanoid aliens caught in a huge civil war. Therefore, Moondragon decided to use her mental powers to quell the conflict and to set herself up as the world's goddess. Realizing that her ambitions were not noble, Drax sent a distress message to Earth, and the Avengers responded. Freed by the Avengers from his daughter's mental domination, Drax tried to end her madness. However, Moondragon stopped Drax by mentally forcing his life essence from his body. Without Drax's spirit inside it, Drax's body was later destroyed.

Years later, Kronos resurrected Drax again to battle his grandson, Thanos (who had been resurrected by Mistress Death). Drax's resurrection was not perfect though, as his brain retained the damage done by Moondragon. Despite this setback, when Thanos was defeated again, Adam Warlock chose Drax as a member of the Infinity Watch and gave him the responsibility to guard the Power Gem (one of the six Infinity Gems of the Infinity Gauntlet). In addition, the Mind Gem was given to Drax's daughter, Moondragon. (To learn about the the characters, team, and/or items, just click on their highlighted names above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits worn by some on the Infinity Watch's bio page.)

Eventually, due to internal conflict, the Infinity Watch fragmented and they each went their separate ways. However, Drax returned to Titan with Moondragon. On Titan, Moondragon petitioned to Kronos to restore Drax's mind, and heal the severe injuries she had suffered. Agreeing, Kronos caused that Moondragon give up some of her mental prowess and Drax give up some of his bulk to heal one another.

Unfotunately, over time, Drax's condition began to revert. His mass and strength climbed back to previous levels; however, his mind became clouded again. Finally, Drax sought out Moondragon, which led to an altercation with Genis-Vell--son of Mar-Vell. During the struggle, Drax was transported to the Microverse. Finding himeself on the planet K'ai, Drax was mistaken for the Hulk and he helped the Microns overthrow the Psycho-Man and Fredd. Drax found acceptance and happiness on the planet K'ai and remained there for a time and helped the Microns rebuild the Microverse's government. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the place, characters, and/or race.)

Later on, Drax was seen on a galactic prison transport. On their way to an intergalactic prison, the ship crashed on Earth, where Drax and the other inmates escaped. With his intelligence returning, when some of the other inmates threatened the local townsfolk of a 10 year old girl named Cammi, who befriended Drax, he helped defend them against the inmates. Afterward, Drax and Cammi were then taken to an intergalactic prison known as the Kyln. (To learn about the highlighted character and/or place highlighted, just click on their name above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one on Cammi's bio page.)

Later, Drax and Cammi both survived the Annihilation Wave attack by Annihilus that hit the Kyln. The two end up teaming up with with the last member of the Nova Corps of Xandar: Nova (Richard Rider). During their time together, Drax taught Nova the power of concentration so that he might contain the entire Nova Force. In addition, Nova asked Drax to teach him how to kill. Eventually, during a doomed battle between the Annihilation Wave and the United Front, Drax stayed behind to fight off the invaders while Nova and the rest finished the evacuation. Drax is once more confronted by Thanos, who is trying to release Galactus from his prison on Annihilus' mother ship. However, before Thanos freed Galactus, Drax killed Thanos. However, they realized that they could "trick" the security system into shutting off by using the power of the Silver Surfer to save Galactus. Once freed, Galactus teleported both Drax and Moondragon to a far-off planet to spare them from his wrath on the Annihilation Wave. (To learn about the characters, power, and/or team above, just click on their highlighted name.)

At one point, the Kree were invaded and cut off from the rest of the universe by the Phalanx, led by Ultron. Ultron used a form of the Technarchy transmode virus to infect/create a team of super-soldiers, known as the Phalanx Select--Drax became one of them. However, with the help of the Technarch mutant Warlock and his ward Tyro, the Phalanx Select were cured. Now, being armed with the knowledge of how to beat the Phalanx and cure the virus, Nova, Gamora, Drax, Warlock, and Tyro breached the barrier surrounding the Kree and ultimately destroyed Ultron. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the races, characters, and/or team. Note: Beware of the very form-fitting outfit on Ultron's bio page, and the very revealing outfit on Gamora's bio page.)

Soon after, Drax agreed to join a proactive peacekeeping team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy led by Star-Lord. He served alongside others such as Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Gamora. (To learn about the team and some of its members, just click on the highlighted names above.)

Later, At the end of the a war between he Shi'ar and the Inhumans/Kree, the Inhuman King of the Kree, Blackbolt, detonated the Terrigen-Bomb which punched a hole in space/time known as The Fault--a doorway to a universe analogous to our own where there is no death (aka the Cancerverse). The first creature to come through was a giant squid that instinctively attacked the Inhuman city of Attilan. Drax went to defend the city until Adam Warlock came to stop The Fault and ended up becoming Magus (Adam Warlock). The Guardians engaged in a long battle against him which ultimately resulted in the he resurrection of Thanos, and the death of some of the Guardians of the Galaxy members, including Star-Lord and Mantis. Afterward, the Guardians of the Galaxy were disbanded. (To learn about the above highlighted event, races, characters, and/or places, just click on their their names.)

More recently, Drax was seen with a new recreated Guardians of the Galaxy team. The team learned that Thanos had managed to get a Cosmic Cube from the United States Army and used it to escape to Moord--the homeland of the Badoon. Therefore, they went to the Avengers Tower and informed the Avengers about the situation. So, the two teams joined forces to battle against Thanos and the Badoon. However, after Thanos had apparently killed the Elders of the Universe, he became one with the Cosmic Cube and killed the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy as well. But, in reality, they all had just been sent to the Cancerverse along with the Elders of the Universe. Once there, Iron Man (Tony Stark) found that Thanos' weapon wasn't actually a Cosmic Cube--it had defects. Therefore, they bargained with the Collector, in exchange of a weapon capable of deactivating the "Cube" and returned to Earth. Back on Earth, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with the Elders of the Universe, defeated Thanos. The Elders then took Thanos to punish him for his actions. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters, item, places, and/or teams.)

To learn a little bit more about Drax, just click on the following link,

In the film, Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax's skin was changed from green (as it is in the comics) to grey to avoid being too "Hulk-esque."

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  1. Kind of cool/ sad at the same time that he was created to destroy someone so powerful. I definitely see him as being a key character in the movies to come...