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Real Name
Peter Jason Quill
Adventurer, Explorer, warrior; former Prince of the Spartoi Empire, and astronaut
U.S.A. and Spartoi 

Place of Birth
Colorado, U.S.A., Earth 

Known Relatives
Jason of Spartoi (father), Meredith Quill (mother, deceased), Eson of Spartoi (paternal grandfather), Gareth of Spartoi (paternal great-uncle); Jake ("step-father"), Kip Hölm (adopted brother), Sandy (adopted sister-in-law), Alain and Rhys (adopted nephews), Robyn (adopted niece)

Group Affiliation
Guardians of the Galaxy; formerly the United Front, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, partner of Ship, NASA

College graduate and NASA astronaut training



175 lbs.



Peter Quill is son of a human and a Spartoi, and his hybrid physiology grants him above the peak human power, strength, durability, agility, and stamina. He seems capable of taking several gunshot and puncture wounds as well as beatings and still stand on his feet. Peter also has enhanced mental strength, allowing his mind to process information quickly, giving him an accelerated learning aptitude. Due to his Human/Spartoi hybrid nature, it is assumed he will age at a decelerated rate (as the Spartoi have a life span three times longer than humans from Earth).

In addition, Star-Lord wore a costume that enabled him to survive in space. It is possible that the costume has actually altered his physical structure, as he does not need to wear any helmet, or any form of life support to survive the nearly absolute zero, airless vacuum. With the suit, he can fly through space. The suit also granted him enhanced healing and uses personal energy shields. 

For a time, Star-Lord wielded the Element Gun, which drew the four elements from the planet (earth, air, fire, and water) and projected them at their targets.

After his battle with the Fallen One, Star-Lord received a cybernetic implants: a left eye which allowed him to see all energy spectra; and a memory chip in his brain gave him 100% recall. However, on the Kree planet of Aladon Prime, Star-Lord's cybernetic implants were removed. 

Star-Lord is highly athletic, a skilled marksman, swordsman, and hand-to-hand combatant in multiple fighting styles. Star-Lord is a master strategist and problem solver and skilled in battle techniques. He is well versed in alien customs, societies, cultures, and languages. In addition, he is a accomplish starship pilot.

Other Info 
While traveling in space, Prince Jason of the Spartoi Empire was summoned by his father, Eson, to return home due to war breaking out between the Spartoi Empire and the Ariguan Confederacy However, while on his way back, Jason's ship crash landed in Earth's Colorado Mountains. A woman named Meredith Quill witnessed the crash, and dragged Jason from the burning ship. As she nursed him back to health and helped him rebuild his ship, the pair fell in love and conceived a child. In order to return to the war, and unwilling to endanger Meredith and their child, Jason reluctantly left them behind--promising to return for them once the war ended. However, to spare Meredith the heartache that he felt, Jason ended up locking Meredith's memories of them. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or people, just click on their names.) 

Less than a month later, Meredith married her childhood sweetheart, Jake. But, when Meredith had the child, Jake suspected that the child was not his, saying the infant didn't resemble either of them. He then tried to kill the child, but before he could do so, he suffered a heart attack and died. Afterwards, mentally and physically weakened, Meredith's centered her life around raising Peter. He ended up growing up a loner, fascinated by science fiction shows and NASA. (To learn about NASA, just click on the highlighted name above.)

As the war between Spartoi and Ariguan turned in Spartoi's favor, Jason asked his uncle Gareth to bring his family to him. However, desiring the throne for himself, Gareth instead hired others to slay the Quill family. When they arrived to the Quill residence, Peter (now 11 years old) witnessed the men kill his mother. The men then left, not knowing Peter was there. From that day, Peter swore one day he would get his revenge for what they did. Gareth lied to Jason that his wife and son had died in childbirth. Afterward, Peter was placed in an orphanage; however, on his 13th birthday, he ran away. (To learn about Gareth, click on his highlighted name.)

Devoting himself to intense study, Peter ended up graduating college and was accepted into NASA's astronaut training program. Even though he was one of their highest ever scoring trainees, Peter lacked social skills and his sole friend was his pet owl named Al. At one point during training, Peter risked his life to save fellow student Greg Harrelson when a centrifuge malfunctioned; however, afterwards, he yelled at Harrelson for being too stupid to save himself. Eventually, Peter was assigned to Eve--NASA's first permanently manned space station. Peter loved space; however, while there, he remembered about how his childhood vow of revenge might never be fulfilled as mankind's limited technology meant he was unlikely to venture further into space. Therefore, when an alien entity called the Master of the Sun visited the space station and offered the mantle of Star-Lord (an interplanetary policeman) to a worthy candidate, Quill volunteered. Unfortunately, NASA denied him due to his lack of experience and they chose Harrelson instead. Enraged, and refusing to listen to NASA, Peter threw Harrelson out of the way and was transported away instead. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Upon arrival, the Master of the Sun turned Peter into "Star-Lord." To free Peter of his need for vengeance, the Master of the Sun created an illusion in which Star-Lord was able to find and kill the aliens that murdered his mother. Afterwards, the Master informed him he was free to begin a new life and gave him a sentient vessel named Ship (Aurora) to be his guide. (Click on the highlighted name above to learn more about Ship. Also, Star-Lord in his first costume is shown in the third picture posted above.)

Later on, Ship took Star-Lord into his father's future time, where he learned of Ariguan slavers destroying whole planets and enslaving the survivors. Catching up with them, just after they had devastated Windhölme, Star-Lord attacked--inspiring a slave revolt that was able to overpower their oppressors. Afterward, Star-Lord learned that the slaving financed a planned coup. Accompanied by the revolt's leaders, Kip Hölm and Sandy, Star-Lord raced back to Spartoi to prevent this. Once there, they were confronted Gareth and Rruothk'ar, where Star-Lord recognized Rruothk'ar as his mother's killer and slew him. Star-Lord then crossed swords with Gareth. Being a superior duelist, Gareth disarmed and unmasked Star-Lord; startled by his resemblance to Jason, his shock allowed Star-Lord to slay Gareth moments before the Emperor arrived. Recognizing his son, Jason of Spartoi informed Peter of his origins, overjoyed to have found him alive. In fact, Jason asked Peter to become the empires heir, but Peter refused him, suggesting Jason adopt Kip instead. (To learn about the place and/or characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Much later, Star-Lord returned to Spartoi for his father's 100th Coronation Jubilee, regretting he had never taken the opportunity to get to know him. Afterward, Jason willing departed with his son to explore the universe, leaving the throne to Kip. However, at one point, Star-Lord was separated from Ship when she was caught in a black hole's gravity. With much difficulty, they were able to escape. However, the fate of his father is unknown.

At one point, Star-Lord was confronted by the former Herald of Galactus: the Fallen One. Star-Lord successfully subdued his much stronger opponent; however, unknowingly, Ship and 350,000 lives were sacrificed to provide the energy needed to stop the Fallen One. Guilt-stricken at what had happened, Peter abandoned his Star-Lord identity and accepted life imprisonment on the interstellar prison of Kyln. Due to severe injuries, Satr-Lord was grafted with cybernetic implants by doctor on Kyln: a left eye which allowed him to see all energy spectra; and a memory chip in his brain which gave him 100% recall. (To learn about the group, character, and/or place, just click on the highlighted names above. Also, Star-Lord with his cybernetic implants is shown in the fourth picture posted above.)

Later, while in prison, Peter allied with fellow inmates including Ch'ak, Gladiator, Moloka Dar, to appose the cosmic-powered Maker. They planned to pit Thanos against the Maker, with the hopes that he would defeat her--which he did. Afterwards, Gladiator took Peter into his custody, and drafted him into the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. (To learn about the highlighted characters, race, and/or team above, just click on their names.)

After serving his time with the Imperial Guard, Quill joined Nova (Richard Rider) and his United Front to resist the Annihilation Wave. As Nova's main advisor, Peter was a valuable asset against the forces of Annihilus; however, he refused to speak about his past to anybody. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters and/or teams. Also, Star-Lord during his time with the United Front is shown in the first picture posted above.)

He later acted as military adviser to the Kree general Ronan the Accuser against the invading alien race the Phalanx led by Ultron. Then when the Kree homeworld of Hala was conquered by the Phalanx, Peter was forced to dawn his "Star-Lord" alias once again, and lead a band of rebels against the invaders until the war was over. (To learn about the races, character, and/or place above, just click on their highlighted name. Note: Beware of the very form-fitting outfit on Ultron's bio page.)

After the War, who saw the need for a proactive strike team to protect the universe form violent attacks such as the Annihilation Wave and the Phalanx, Star-Lord decided to form a new Guardians of the Galaxy team. In fact, Star-Lord had Mantis telepathically influence Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, and Gamora to join his team. However, after some time, Star-Lord's deception was revealed and everyone quit the team except Mantis. (Click the highlighted names above to learn about the Guardians of the Galaxy and/or some of its members. Note: Beware of the VERY revealing outfit worn by Gamora on her bio page, and a revealing outfit worn by one in the background of Mantis' bio page.)

Much later, Rocket Raccoon was assembling a new Guardians of the Galaxy team. The team consisted of its original members, but began gaining new additions such as Major Victory, Bug, Groot, Jack Flag, and Moondragon. Star-Lord also rejoined the team in order to stop a rising war between the Shi'ar and the Inhumans/Kree. At the end of the war, however, the Inhuman King of the Kree, Blackbolt, detonated the Terrigen-Bomb which punched a hole in space/time known as The Fault--a doorway to a universe analogous to our own where there is no death (aka the Cancerverse). The first creature to come through was a giant squid that instinctively attacked the Inhuman city of Attilan. Star-Lord, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, engaged in a long battle against him which ultimately resulted in the he resurrection of Thanos, and the death of some of the Guardians, including Star-Lord and Nova who sacrificed their lives to keep Thanos in the Cancerverse. The survivors hailed Peter and Nova as heroes and a statue was erected in their honor on Kree-Lar. (To learn about the above highlighted event, races, characters, and/or places, just click on their their names.)

More recently, it was revealed that Star-Lord had actually managed to escape from the Cancerverse and returned to the recreated Guardians of the Galaxy team. The team had learned that Thanos had managed to get a Cosmic Cube from the United States Army and used it to escape to Moord--the homeland of the Badoon. Therefore, they went to the Avengers Tower and informed the Avengers about the situation. So, the two teams joined forces to battle against Thanos and the Badoon. However, after Thanos had apparently killed the Elders of the Universe, he became one with the Cosmic Cube and killed the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy as well. But, in reality, they all had just been sent to the Cancerverse along with the Elders of the Universe. Once there, Iron Man (Tony Stark) found that Thanos' weapon wasn't actually a Cosmic Cube--it had defects. Therefore, they bargained with the Collector, in exchange of a weapon capable of deactivating the "Cube" and returned to Earth. Back on Earth, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with the Elders of the Universe, defeated Thanos. The Elders then took Thanos to punish him for his actions. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the item, places, teams, and/or characters. Also, Star-Lord in his newest costume is shown in the fifth picture posted above.) 

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