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Rocket Raccoon

Real Name
Rocket Raccoon 

Interplanetary explorer; formerly mailroom clerk, security guard, Captain of Ship, chief law enforcement officer, and caretaker



Place of Birth

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation

Guardians of the Galaxy






55 lbs.

Blue (recently his eyes are Brown--there is no reason given for this change)


Black, brown, white


Being a raccoon many of Rocket's senses are heightened to levels well above humans. He is able to see much better than the average human and is extremely well-adapted to near dark conditions. Rocket's enhanced sense of smell allows him to detect subtle changes in scents around him, which gives hims the ability to detect others who are approaching, and increasing his ability to operate in the dark. With his broad auditory range, Rocket can perceive tones outside the range of the human ears in addition to subtle sounds caused by ground vibrations. His hyper sensitive paws allow Rocket to identify objects before touching them with vibrissae located above his claws.


Rocket is an expert marksman with high-powered firearms from all over the galaxy. He is an expert hand-to-hand combat, being trained in multiple fighting styles. He is also a master tactician and strategist on and off the battlefield. Rocket is also an accomplished starship pilot.

Other Info

Hundreds of years ago, a group of humanoid aliens settled the largest planet in the Keystone Quadrant star system. The aliens built a complex to house and treat the insane (aka "Loonies"). The recorded their medical observations in a psychiatric diary. However, when their funding was cut, they abandoned the project. Before they left, however, they created a staff of robots to provide for the humanoids. They left animals to help the patients as well. They then separated the planet from the rest of the galaxy with an force field called the "Galacian Wall." However, when a nearby star went nova, the robots gained sentient life. Wanting to end their servitude to the Loonies, the robots used genetic engineering to give intelligence and awareness to the animals. They then gave the animals with responsibility to protect and care for the Loonies. The robots then relocated to the other side of the planet to create a starship and find a way to shut down the force field. Thus, the half-industrial, half-verdant planet became known as "Halfworld." (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the group and/or places.)

One of the animals engineered with intelligence and awareness was a raccoon who went by the name of Rocket "Rocky" Raccoon. He became Halfworld's chief law officer who protected the colony against various threats. Rocket was the captain of his starship named "Rack 'n' Ruin," whose first mate was Wal Rus. (To learn about the about Wal Rus, click on  his highlighted name above. Also, Rocket during this time is shown in the third picture posted above.)

As the animals continued to care for the humanoids, the robots provided machines, weapons, and toys for the animals to use. Toys played an important part in Halfworld society due to serving as entertainment for the Loonies. Without toys, the Loonies would lapse into a deep melancholy; therefore, the animals made certain nothing interrupted toy production. As time passed, the physicians of old became known as "Shrinks" in the legends of Halfworld. And the psychiatric diary they kept became an indecipherable icon called "Gideon's Bible." (To learn about Gideon's Bible, click on the highlighted name above.)

Eventually, a mole named Judson Jakes took over a toy factory and established his headquarters in the Spacewheel space station built by the tortoise Uncle Pyko. Pyko designed toys, weapons, an army of Killer Clowns, and the bat-like Drakillers who served Jakes. Soon, Jakes attempted to steal Gideon's Bible, which he believed would enable him to conquer not only Halfworld, but the entire Keystone Quadrant. It was at this time that the Hulk somehow had been transported to Halfworld. And it was Rocket Raccoon and Wal Rus that met up with the Hulk. Liking the two, the Hulk agreed to help them safeguard Gideon's Bible. Therefore, Rocket Raccoon flew themselves into the Cuckoo's Nest (the base of operations) where they discovered that Judson Jacks had not only stolen Gideon's Bible, but had also kidnapped Rocket's girlfriend/Wal Rus' niece: Lylla. Immediately, the three boarded the Rack 'n' Ruin and headed towards the Spacewheel. Once on the Spacewheel, Rocket went to search for Lylla. The Hulk ended up encountering Uncle Pyko, who realized that the Hulk's strength would give the opposition a great advantage, and teleported the Hulk back to Earth. Meanwhile, Rocket was able to retrieve the Gideon's Bible and rescue Lylla. (To learn about the highlighted characters, places, and/or teams above, just click on their names. Also, Rocket during his time with Hulk is shown in the fourth picture posted above.)

Later on, Lord Dyvyne forcibly took over and forced Jakes and Pyko out of the Spacewheel. This lead to Jakes relocating to Halfworlds's equator, where he reincorporated as Mayhem Mekaniks and had Pyko create more Killer Clowns and Drakillars to battle Lord Dyvyne to be the top toymaker. This lead to what is known as the "Toy War." At this point, Rocket Raccoon went after Jakes to end the war; however, when Lord Dyvyne had Lylla kidnapped to force a marriage between them to gain control of her fortune, Rocket and Wal Rus went to rescue her instead. After successfully rescuing Lylla, Rocket found out that both toy moguls allied themselves against him and his teammates. Therefore, Rocket and his friends fled to the robotic side of Halfworld where they found Uncle Pyko (he had taken and deciphered Gideon's Bible, learning the truth of Halfworld's origins) who betrayed Jakes in his quest to conquer Halfworld. Therefore, Pyko led the Rocket and his friends to the Head Robot, who combined the information contained in the volume with the robots' advanced technology to create the Wonder Toy helmets. The four animals distributed the helmets which cured the Loonies. Now, with their army of robots and humanoids, Rocket and his friends defeated both Judson Jakes and Lord Dyvyne's combined forces. Afterward, some animals volunteered to stay behind and help the humanoids rebuild their world, but Rocket and the other animals went with the robots on their starship to explore space and its many worlds. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the character, place, and/or item.)

Later on, Rocket Raccoon discovered that a group of renegade alien Skrulls were disguising themselves as the D'Bari race. Learning of this, the Skrulls fought Rocket Raccoon. He was actually doing well against the army until Taryn O'Connell and Razorback arrived. Their arrival distracted Rocket, and the raccoon was hit by a weapon that turned him into stone. Razorback and Taryn fought their way through the crowd to try to rescue Rocket, but a cage was dropped on them. All three were taken to prison. It was in prison that they met a fellow prisoner--She-Hulk. As a team, they worked together and were able to defeat the Skrulls and restore Rocket Raccoon to normal. Afterward, Rocket returned home to Halfworld. (Click the highlighted names to learn about the races and/or characters above. Note: Beware of the very form-fitting/revealing outfit worn by She-Hulk on her bio page.)

At one point, Rocket Raccoon was held prisoner by the Kree. It was during his time in jail, that he formed a rapport with a tree-like being known as Groot. He was then introduced and assigned to a covert ops team lead by Star-Lord to stop the Phalanx (an evil alien race bent on world conquering). They did eventually defeat the Phalanx; however, Groot sacrificed his life to buy their team time to escape. Most of Groot's body was destroyed, except for a small twig of him. It was Rocket Raccoon who took the sprig offshoot of Groot and eventually planted it in a pot, which allowed Groot to re-grow to full size. Afterwords, Rocket joined Star-Lord's proactive peacekeeping team known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, and created a firm friendship with Groot. (Click the characters and/or race's highlighted names above to learn more about them.)

Much later, after Star-Lord's supposed death, the team disbanded and Rocket Raccoon got a job as a mail carrier. However, after receiving a mysterious package filled with the same killer toy clowns from Halfworld, Rocket quit his job and immediately set out to locate Groot. Rocket eventually found his friend exiled on an island far off the planet. Rocket staged a rescue and, with much difficulty, was able to escape off the island with Groot. Rocket and Groot vowed to continue to keep Star-Lord's Guardians of the Galaxy team alive.

Soon after, Rocket Racoon and Groot found themselves caught in the Mojoverse run by the inter-dimensional TV producer known as Mojo. (Mojo used this dimension to host "television shows" by capturing heroes and pitting them against monsters, robots, etc.) Mojo decided to use Rocket and Groot in his latest reality television show. And if their "show" got cancelled, they would die in the process. Fortunately, the two found a way to escape. (To learn about Mojoverse and/or Mojo, just click on the highlighted names above.) 

More recently, Rocket Raccoon, and a recreated Guardians of the Galaxy team, learned that Thanos had managed to get a Cosmic Cube from the United States Army and used it to escape to Moord--the homeland of the Badoon. Therefore, the team went to the Avengers Tower and informed the Avengers about the situation. So, the two teams joined forces to battle against Thanos and the Badoon. However, after Thanos had apparently killed the Elders of the Universe, he became one with the Cosmic Cube and killed the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy as well. But, in reality, they all had just been sent to the Cancerverse along with the Elders of the Universe. Once there, Iron Man (Tony Stark) found that Thanos' weapon wasn't actually a Cosmic Cube--it had defects. Therefore, they bargained with the Collector, in exchange of a weapon capable of deactivating the "Cube" and returned to Earth. Back on Earth, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with the Elders of the Universe, defeated Thanos. The Elders then took Thanos to punish him for his actions. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters, item, places, and/or teams.)

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  1. I really hope the movie shows his "hand to hand combatant" skills. He's just so little- it will be hilarious =)