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Strong Guy

Real Name
Guido Carosella

Private Investigator; formerly adventurer, government agent, bodyguard

Place of Birth
Rhinebeck, New York

Known Relatives 
Unnamed parents; Lois (aunt); Lou (uncle); Anthony (cousin)
Group Affiliation 
Formerly X-Factor Investigations, X-Factor, bodyguard for Lila Cheney

Bachelor of Arts in Drama from New York University 


750 lbs. 


Bald with streak of white

Strong Guy possesses superhuman strength which he can increase by absorbing kinetic energy and use it to enhance his physical strength to an unmeasured limit. However, he cannot store the energy he absorbs for very long; as a rule he must physically expend the energy within 90 seconds to prevent it from permanently distorting his body. He is in constant pain from the existing distortion, although he hides it well, traditionally playing the role of team comedian to distract himself. Guido also possesses superhuman stamina and durability.

Strong Guy is formidable at street fighting-style hand-to-hand combat. He also has a gifted intellect, and is a talented musical comedy actor and stand-up comedian. Strong Guy is nearsighted and wears corrective "bottle-cap" lenses.

Other Info
Early in Guido Carosella's life, he was tormented and bullied by others. However, that all changed the day he discovered his mutant power. While trying to get away from some bullies, Guido was struck by a school bus and absorbed the energy. Because he did not release the energy immediately, his body swelled and the growing muscles became disproportionate. Although Guido was no longer bullied by his peers, the gentle giant was still perceived as being different and separated from them. Guido coped with his pain, both the emotional and physical pain generated by his transformed body, by developing an outgoing "public face," rarely letting even those close to him see him in any discomfort.

Later on, Guido's parents were killed in freak accident when a satellite fell on the both of them. Luckily, he had the love and support of his Aunt Lois and Uncle Lou, who took him in after his parents' died. Guido did, however, settle out of court with the owners of the satellite for a vast amount of money. For some time, he lived a life of luxury until his finances were wiped out by bad investments. Therefore, to make ends meet, he ended up taking a job as a bodyguard for the intergalactic thief and rock star, Lila Cheney. He fulfilled this role for a long time until Lila Cheney left Earth. (To learn about Lila Cheney, just click on her name above. Also, Guido in his bodyguard attire is shown in the third picture posted above.)

After some time, the Shadow King took control of many of the world's most prominent heroes--Guido was among them. After fighting some members of the X-Men, Guido regained control of his own mind and then aided the X-Men and X-Factor in defeating the Shadow King for good. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the character and/or team.)

Later on, Guido was recruited by the U.S. government to become a member of the new incarnation of X-Factor. At a press conference, he dubbed himself "Strong Guy" and soon became a media darling. As Strong Guy, Guido served in X-Factor for many months. During this time, he developed a strong bond with fellow teammate Jamie Madrox (aka Multiple Man)--they both shared the same sense of humor. Unfortunately, during one battle against aliens who were after Lila Cheney, Strong Guy threw his body on a bomb, absorbing the blast at the cost of overexerting his mutant powers. Due to the blast, his body grew to such a point that he suffered a massive heart attack. This left him comatose, and Strong Guy spent several months in recuperation. Eventually, he recovered; however, X-Factor by then had dissolved its government ties, and Strong Guy retired from full-time crime-fighting. (To learn about the Multiple Man, click on the highlighted name above. Also, Strong Guy in his X-Factor outfit is shown in the first picture posted above.)

Sometime later, Strong Guy was seen in Tokyo as part of the underground mutant fighting league known as the "Arena"--however, the mutant fighters in the Arena were secretly slaves. Luckily, Strong Guy met up with Storm and helped take down their enslavers. (Click on the characters' highlighted names above to learn more about them. Note: Beware of the extremely revealing outfits worn by Storm on her bio page--block images if possible.)

After moving to New York City, Strong Guy became a member of the newest incarnation of the X-Factor team, which operated as a detective agency called X-Factor Investigations. The agency was in District X and run by his former X-Factor teammate and best friend, Jamie Madrox. (To learn about the team and/or place above, click on their highlighted names.)

Strong Guy is a formidable fighter and has gone against other "strong guys" as well. At one point, he held his own against the Blob, and even moved him. Also, during World War Hulk, he went toe-to-toe with the Hulk. However, when he absorbed the energy from one of the Hulk's punches, it almost overloaded him immediately. (To learn about the characters and/or event, click on their highlighted names above.)

Later, while on a job to protect J. Jonah Jameson from assassination, Strong Guy was shot in the heart. His teammate M took him to the hospital, during which he told her he was in love with her. Unfortunately, Strong Guy died in the hospital, leaving behind many traumatized friends. (Click the highlighted names above to learn about the characters. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by M on her bio page.)

More recently, however, Strong Guy appeared completely healthy once again, without any knowledge of how it happened. But, it was soon revealed that he was revived by Layla Miller. As a result of this revival, however, he no longer had a soul. Although Strong Guy stayed with the team at first, he became increasingly angered by his teammates. It finally came to a heat when his date with M (whom finally acknowledged her feelings towards him too) went wrong. Then, during one operation, Strong Guy told his teammates that they should stay out of his way and he left the team with no trace to where he went. (To learn about Layla Miller, click on her name above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by one in the background of her bio page.)

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In the film X2, "Guido Carosella" appears as a folder on William Stryker's computer files. (His name is listed on the very top of the second picture posted above.) 

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  1. It's cool how strong he is and all but... couldn't some writer think of a better or at least more original name for him? Strong Guy? **shaking head**