Friday, March 8, 2013

Battle Omega

We've had Battle Royals! We've had Battle Ultimates! AND we've had Battle Supremes!

Now for the first time ever...BATTLE OMEGA!!!   

We are taking the top winner of each Battle Supreme and putting them head-to-head. The Battle Omega will decided who is the "People's Choice" of the strongest hero/villain of ALL THE MARVEL CHARACTERS HIGHLIGHTED!

Put the good and evil notion to the side! No alliances! Just pure power and abilities against the others' powers and abilities! Only ONE can be left standing! Please choose who you think would win out of our 2 finalists. Also, if you have time, please leave the reason why you think the character you chose would win in the "Comment" section below. This way, we can all see your reasoning in choosing your winner. Who will be the victor? Only you can decide!

Our chosen 2 finalists are..Galactus and Thor! (If you have forgotten either of these characters' powers/abilities, go ahead and check out their bios right here on the Marvel Madness blog by clicking on their highlighted names above.)



  1. I believe at the beginning, Galactus would take the lead and pound on Thor due to Galactus' super strength! However, his energies would dwindle after some time. Eventually, Galactus would have to try to eat a planet to revive his energy. Even though Thor would be pretty beat up at this point, this is where Thor's warrior skills would come into play. His expert fighting skills would distract Galactus so he couldn't concentrate on eating a planet. As Galactus slowly dwindled in energy/strength, Thor would be able to defeat him with the power of the God of Thunder!

    The victor of BATTLE OMEGA is THOR!

  2. I think that people underestimate how long Galactus can go without feeding, it isn't like he eats one a day or anything. And well as cool as asgardians are, they didn't survive the first universe implosion on itself, nor does thor have the power to bestow power onto other people like Galactus can. As much as I want a good guy to win, Galactus is kind of unbeatable one on one in my opinion. Maybe one of the elternals or other cosmic beings could give him a run for his money, but Thor isn't in that class.

  3. Yeah, I don't think Thor could be Galactus alone. I don't think he's completely invincible, but one on one... he might be.

  4. Just FYI...apparently I was on Angies account when I commented. Just in case you were wondering if she suddenly became more nerdy than I am.

  5. I think this is the best Battle we have had so far. I can actually see this unfold in the comic strip (and Thor 3). Sustaining his very survival, now and to come, without pitty or remorse Galactus aims to turn Asguard into his next snack. Only one brave Asguardian is capable of competing with this meniacle being. Thor, armed with Mjornir, the Odinforce, and the prayers of his people meets the invader to save his family, his home and worlds of the Galaxy.
    For me, the power level of Both Galactus and Thor (with the Odinforce) is too high to really pit one against the other. Both are incredible and the amount is too hard to calculate. This battle would probably ravage several planets before its done.
    I actually think Thor would outwit and eventually beat Galactus. Galactus' first defeat came at the hands of Silver Surfer and Reed Richards (Plus an artifact). He is probably not used to dealing with small forces, too cocky to consider them a threat, and/or he's a terrible tactician. Second being a scientist he may not be ready for the Mystical side of the Odinforce. I think Galactus would underestimate Thor and leave himself vulnerable letting Thor get in some early critical hits.
    If Thor does not get an edge from an early lead or magic, I see him using the Odinforce to banish Galactus to another dimension and win from "Out of Bounds".

  6. Kirk: Yeah, I thought that might be the case. ;-)