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Real Name 
Xi'an Coy Manh 

Teacher, formerly adventurer, student 

Citizen of Vietnam with no criminal record, legal alien in the United States 

Place of Birth
Central highlands of Vietnam 

Known Relatives 
General Nguyen Ngoc Coy (uncle, deceased); Tran Coy Manh (brother, deceased); Leong Coy Manh (brother); Nga Coy Manh (sister); Da'o Coy Manh (half-sister)

Group Affiliation 
X-Men; formerly New Mutants (founding member), mentor of Alpha Squadron and Paragons Squad, Hellions 

Courses at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters 

5' 4" 

119 lbs. 



Karma is a mutant with the ability to take possession of the minds of other people or animals. She projects a psionic energy surge that overwhelms the consciousness of another; this renders the victim unconscious while placing her own mind in command. It allows her to alter the victim's perceptions and memories, command people to fall asleep or divulge information, and operate their bodies as if they were an extension of her own. Formerly when Karma first took possession of someone, she could only move her subject's body awkwardly until she acclimated herself to her new host. If she remained in possession of a host for too long she would begin to think and act as her host would, and eventually her own personality would become subordinate to one identical to the host's. Although Karma can possess multiple subjects simultaneously, her control over her subjects is fragmented as she shifts her attention from one to another. Karma had also begun developing other telepathic abilities that were either latent or triggered by her possession by the Shadow King. By possessing others remotely, she can mentally "see" through their eyes. She is also able to use her power to disrupt other psi-signatures, protecting her from all manner of psychic assault.

Karma is also a capable combatant with medieval weapons (particularly swords). She is also familiar with first aid and firearms owing to her time in Vietnam. She also speaks French.

Other Info
Xi'an Coy Manh is the daughter of a colonel in the Vietnamese army. Xi'an had a twin brother, Tran Coy Manh, and two younger siblings, Leong and Nga. While still a child, Xi'an saw an enemy soldier threaten Tran. Not realizing she had a superhuman power, Xi'an nevertheless, acting impulsively, took possession of the soldier's mind and stopped him from killing Tran. Tran then successfully attempted the same feat and forced the soldier to kill himself. While Tran took great delight in this use of his new-found power, Xi'an was frightened of her power. Xi'an kept her and her brother's powers a secret; however, Tran told their uncle, General Nguyen Coy in the Vietnamese army. (To learn about General Coy, click on his highlighted name above.)

Later, General Coy arranged for Xi'an's family to leave Vietnam, but only Tran was sent abroad. Eventually, the rest of the family left Vietnam on a small, crowded boat. Xi'an's father and mother were killed by attacking pirates. Luckily, the children were rescued by the United States Navy. After this, Xi'an, Leong, and Nga were sent to the United States to be reunited with her Uncle Nguyen Coy and Tran. General Coy had become a powerful and prosperous criminal in the United States (although he was publicly known as a businessman), and Tran was using his powers in his uncle's employ. When Coy asked Xi'an to use her powers in his service, she refused. Xi'an sought help from a Catholic priest, Father Michael Bowen, whom she had known in Vietnam. With Father Bowen's aid, Xi'an secured employment and an apartment and enrolled her younger siblings in school.

Soon after, General Coy kidnapped Leong and Nga, in an effort to blackmail Xi'an into working for him. Desperate, Xi'an located Spider-Man (whom she believed to be a criminal from accounts in the New York Daily Bugle newspaper) and took possession of his mind, so she could use his powers to rescue the children. While possessing Spider-Man, she used him to fight three members of the Fantastic Four, who were present at a party Coy was hosting (unaware that he was a criminal). However, Xi'an was forced to release Spider-Man's mind without having freed the children. But, Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four located Xi'an and Father Bowen, learned her story, and agreed to help her. Unfortunately, Tran used his powers to take control of the Fantastic Four and have them attack Spider-Man. In order to save Spider-Man, whom she now realized wasn't a criminal, Xi'an was forced to kill Tran by absorbing his life essence into herself. Xi'an was then reunited with Leong and Nga. (Click on the highlighted character, place, and/or team above to learn about them.)

Afterwards, Xi'an (who now called herself "Karma" when using her powers) was recommended by Mister Fantastic and accepted the invitation of Professor Charles Xavier to enroll in his school, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. After joining, Karma became the first leader of the new team of young superhuman mutants Professor X was training: the New Mutants. Needing to support her two siblings, Professor X also assigned her the position of secretary at the school. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the characters, place, and/or team. Also, Karma as a member of the New Mutants is shown in the second picture posted above.)

At one point, Professor X and Dani Moonstar (Mirage) was kidnapped by Silver Samurai and Viper. Therefore, Karma agreed to one year’s service to her uncle in exchange for their whereabouts. She then "disappeared" in an explosion. (To learn about the above highlighted characters, just click on their names.)

For a time, Karma was thought to be missing or dead; however, she had fallen under the control of the Shadow King. He used Karma’s body to carve a criminal empire. Eventually, the New Mutants learned that Karma was actually alive, and they went to rescue her. After the help of Mirage, Warlock, and Magik, Karma was finally released of the Shadow King. She then began fighting a psyhic battle with the Shadow King and won--forcing him to flee back to the Astral Plane. (Click on the highlighted names above learn about the different characters.)

Later on, during the Mutant Massacre of the Morlocks by the Marauders, the New Mutants were charged with aiding the wounded. Afterwards, Karma asked Magik to teleport her to check on her younger brother and sister, only to discover they had disappeared. A bomb rigged to their apartment’s light switch destroyed all possible clues to their whereabouts. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the event and/or teams above. Note: Beware of the revealing/form-fitting outfit worn by one on the Marauders' bio page.)

While searching for her siblings for some time, Karma attended a Hellfire Club event and possessed Tessa to look for her siblings in the Club's database. Unfortunately, she didn't find any information; however, she was caught by Sebastian Shaw. While there, Karma declined in helping the New Mutants in their contest against the Hellions (to find who sold a forged statue of Selene to a member of the Hellfire Club before sunrise) stating that she had too many things on her mind. While the team was gone, Karma left a letter for Moonstar, co-leader of the New Mutants, stating that she was leaving the team to work for her uncle and search for her siblings. (Click on the highlighted teams and/or characters above to learn more about them. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits worn by some on the Hellfire Club and Tessa's bio page.)

For a time, Karma worked for General Coy in Madripoor, in the hope that he could locate her brother and sister. While working for her uncle, Karma encountered "Patch" (Wolverine in disguise). Patch told her that he was attempting to stop General Coy from over-throwing the current crimelord of Madripoor, Tyger Tiger. Karma decided to assist Patch by taking control of Roughbouse and Bloodsport to allow Patch and Tyger to escape a beating. Soon after, Patch decided to save Karma from her uncle's service, but was sidetracked when he learned that disrupting General Coy's drug activities planted a target on the General's head and Karma needed him to help her find her missing brother and sister. (To learn about the highlighted place and/or characters above, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Tyger on her bio page. Also, Karma in her outfit she wore in Madripoor is shown in the last picture posted above.)

Meanwhile, Leong and Nga were the prisoners of Shinobi Shaw, who made them the subjects of genetic experiments. He then turned them over to Karma's longtime foe, Viper, and the extra-dimensional being Spiral. Eventually, Karma and the X-Man Beast were able to track them down and rescue the two children; however, Beast was unable to undo Spiral's genetic tinkering. Luckily, Karma was able to find a doctor who was able to undo the damage her siblings had suffered.  (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Much later, Karma moved to Chicago with Leong and Nga and took a job as a librarian for the University of Chicago while attending classes. One day, she ran into Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) and assisted her in her mission against the Purity. Soon after, Moonstar arrived in an attempt to recruit David Alleyne (aka Prodigy) for the Xavier Institute. Karma introduced the two, and headed back to the relative safety of the Institute along with her siblings. It was around this time that Karma publicly came out as a lesbian. She had tried to speak to Kitty about her feelings for her, but stopped when she felt that Kitty would not reciprocate her feelings. (Click on the highlighted characters and/or team to learn more about them.)

Once at the Xavier Institute, Karma took on lots of responsibility. She was the school's librarian, French teacher, and adviser for students too young to be assigned to a squad. However, after Northstar was believed to be dead and Wolfsbane left the Institute, Karma also took on the role as supervisor to both of their squads (Alpha Squadron and Paragons Squad). (To learn about the characters and/or team above, just click on their highlighted names. Also, Karma with her outfit with the New Mutants again is shown in the fourth and fifth pictures posted above.)

After the events of M-Day, Karma was one of 198 that retained their powers. The school's population was drastically reduced and the squad system was abolished. She continued to reside at the Xavier Institute, though she was not part of an X-Men team. (To learn about the highlighted event and/or group, click on their names above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfits worn by some on the M-Day's bio page.)

Later on, after the return of the Hope Summers and Cable to the mainstream timeline, Cyclops ordered the New Mutants to attack one of Cameron Hodge's Right facilities. During the battle, Karma attempted to take psionic control of Hodge, but he proved immune to her powers and impaled her through the leg with his metal projectiles. Hodge was eventually defeated, but as a result of her injuries, Karma's left leg was amputated above the knee. However, Madison Jefferies used his mutant abilities to create a new bionic leg for Karma. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or place, just click on their names. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit worn by Emma Frost on Cyclops' bio page. Also, Karma with her bionic leg is shown in the first picture posted above.)

During the events of the X-Men Schism between Cyclops and Wolverine, Karma chose to go back to Westchester with Wolverine. She's currently a Junior Staff Member at the school. (To learn more about the Schism, click on the highlighted name above.)

More recently, Karma joined up with some X-Men who found themselves under attack by the Marauders (who are controlled by Susan Hatchi). After seizing control of Karma, it was revealed that Hatchi also had ulterior personal reasons for targeting the mutant. Born Da'o Coy Manh, Hatchi was the illegitimate half-sister of Karma. In a later confrontation with the X-Men, Hatchi uses her nanotechnology to seize control of the team and ordered them to takeover Madripoor or she would use her technology on New York and kill the population. (She wanted to not only demonstrate the effectiveness of her weapon but to draw out their father from hiding by publicly using Karma as bait.) Hatchi was able to find her father in Madripoor; however, the X-Men were able to counteract her technology. Karma then used her own mutant abilities to forge a psychic link with her half-sister to show her the struggles she's had in her own life, despite the fact that their father acknowledged her. While the two sisters reached reconciliation, their father took advantage of the situation and shot Hatchi. 

After Hatchi's death, Karma inherited her company as the only eligible relative of age and effectively became a billionaire. 

To learn a tiny bit more about Karma, just click on the following link,

In the film X2, "Mahn, Xi'an Coy " appears as a name on William Stryker's computer files. (Her name is listed on the very top of the second picture posted above.) 


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