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Real Name
Max Pressman


Agent of


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Unnamed wife (deceased), Michael and Melinda (Children)

Group Affiliation Formerly Spirits of Vengeance, Hidden






Wallow has the ability to induce fear and misery, which he then feeds on.


Other Info
Max Pressman was a man that murdered his wife. After killing his wife, Pressman attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a building with both of his children, Michael and Milinda, in his arms. However, before he could commit this horrible crime, a police officer shot him. The police officers were able to save the kids, but Max fell with his daughter's doll falling with him to his death. (Max in his human form is shown in the third picture posted.)

Years later, Max Pressman came back as the ghost-like entity named Wallow. He now has the face of Melinda's doll as his own. As Wallow, he has the power to induce fear and misery which he feeds off.

Once his children are in their adult years, Wallow tries to get his kids to kill themselves so that they can be with him in the after life. With Melinda, he tried to stir despair within her until she stepped from a ten-story building; however, she survived the fall, and Ghost Rider rushed her to the hospital. Wallow then pushed Michael off another rooftop; however, he survived too, and Ghost Rider was able to drive Wallow away. Soon after, Ghost Rider learned of Wallow's crimes and intent and ran to Melinda's bedside and prevented Wallow from murdering her. Ghost Rider was able to give his penance star to Wallow, which reduced the his ghostly form to ashes. (To learn about Ghost Rider, click on the highlighted name above.)

Instead of completely dying though, Wallow's essence was drawn to Blackheart's realm. Once there, Wallow meets with Blackheart and is Blackheart's first recruit into his self proclaimed Spirits of Vengeance. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about Blackheart and his Spirits of Vengeance.)

Later, Wallow appeared at Ghost Rider's wedding with Pao Fu and Black Rose which later ended in Blackheart's defeat and Ghost Riders becoming the ruler of Blackheart's realm. (To learn about the highlighted characters above, just click on their names.)

Recently, Wallow's whereabouts are unknown.

To learn a tiny bit more about Wallow, click on the following link,

In the film Ghost Rider, Wallow is a bit different from the comic version. Wallow does work alongside Blackheart; however, he has the power to turn into water and looks more human then in his comic version.

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