Saturday, October 1, 2011

Union Jack

Real Name
Lord James Montgomery Falsworth


Aristocrat; (formerly) adventurer, field marshal in British army



Place of Birth
Falsworth Manor, England

Known Relatives
William, Lord Falsworth (father, deceased); Lady Falsworth (wife, deceased); John Falsworth (Baron Blood, brother, deceased); Brian Falsworth (Union Jack, son, deceased); Jacqueline Falsworth (Spitfire, daughter); Lord Crichton (son-in-law, deceased); Kenneth Crichton (Baron Blood, grandson, deceased)

Group Affiliation
(formerly) Freedom’s Five, associate of the Invaders

College graduate, military training


240 lbs.


White; (formerly) Black


Union Jack was a trained marksman and hand-to-hand combatant in his prime.

Other Info
During World War I, Lord Falsworth was recruited by the British army to become one of the first public superhero champions: Union Jack. His superiors decided to create a guise that would strike terror in their enemy's hearts in addition to rallying their troops. They had Falsworth appear as a personification of the British national flag. Union Jack fought valiantly throughout the war, eventually joining similar national heroes in a group called Freedom's Five. In addition to that, Union Jack also fought the vampire Baron Blood, a German agent, and the infamous Hellfire Club, which he prevented from awakening a harbinger of Apocalypse, Ch’Vayre. (To learn about the above highlighted characters and/or teams, just click on their highlighted names. Note: Beware of the women in scantily clad clothing on the Hellfire Club's bio page.)

When WWI came to an end,
"Union Jack" was officially retired from active service by the British Government. Afterward, Montgomery Falsworth got married and eventually had two children, Brian and Jacqueline, and came to lead the life of a peaceful country squire. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about Union Jack's two children.)

Later, during WWII, Falsworth's son Brian, disagreed with Lord Falsworth's views concerning Nazi Germany. The arguments between the two grew more heated over time until finally Brian left home because of them. Shortly afterwards, the Germans released photographs showing Brian Falsworth and his best friend Roger Aubrey with Hitler himself. Lord Falsworth was appalled and saddened by this development. And soon afterward, war between Britain and Germany broke out, and his wife, Lady Falsworth, died in the Blitz of 1941, when a German bomb fell on a London hospital where she was doing volunteer work. (To learn about the Destroyer, click on the highlighted name above.)

Not much later, Baron Blood returned to the countryside near Falsworth Manor to begin a new reign of terror. Lord Falsworth's daughter, Jacqueline, was attacked by the vampire; however, she was saved by the original Human Torch, who drove the vampire off. Because of this, Jacqueline invited the Human Torch and his team, the Invaders, to dinner at the manor. As they were all gathered together, Lord Falsworth then revealed to his family and everyone present that there was one other super-hero in their midst--himself! Falsworth told of his career during WWI as Union Jack and volunteered the use of his mansion as a base of operations for the Invaders. (To learn about the character and/or team above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Shortly afterward, Lord Falsworth was even inspired to don the Union Jack identity to fight alongside the Invaders against Baron Blood. During the battle, Falsworth finally discovered that the vampire was his brother, John. However, realizing this did not stop his brother from crushing Lord Falsworth's legs with a boulder. Fortunately, Union Jack was able to pry the boulder off, which subsequently knocked Baron Blood onto a stalagmite, killing him.

Although now paralyzed from the waist down, Lord Falsworth still accompanied the Invaders on a mission into Germany, where he met and reconciled with his son Brian. (Lord Falsworth found out that Brian had been held as a prisoner by the Nazis; however, Brian was able to escape and became the superhero "Destroyer" and had been fighting against Hitler's Nazis.) Soon afterward, Lord Falsworth offered his son the mantle of Union Jack--passing on the legacy.

Years later, Brian died in a car crash. Now, growing ill with age, Lord Falsworth's daughter came to live at Falsworth Manor to help assist him. At this time, Lord Falsworth read about a series of murders, strongly believing that a revived Baron Blood was behind them. He contacted Captain America for help and devised a plan where Falsworth would don the Union Jack garb to draw the vampire out. Unfortunately, Falsworth suffered a heart attack before the confrontation, and his place in the trap was taken by his grandson's friend Joe Chapman. Chapman and Captain America together were able to defeat the vampire. The heroes burned Baron Blood's, at which time Lord Falsworth quietly passed away--knowing that his brother’s evil had finally ended. (To learn about Captain America and/or the 3rd Union Jack, just click on the highlighted names above. Note: The fifth picture posted is of the elderly Union Jack.)

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Union Jack appears in Captain America: The First Avenger as James Montgomery Falsworth. In movie, however, he is just a part of Captain America's strike force team.


  1. His "occupation" is currently aristocrat? That's like saying Kim Kardashian has a job. =P

  2. Yeah. But, it can be quite the time-consuming occupation, right? ;-)